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8/21/2016 c7 BluSakura
Happy Fanfic-Writers Appreciation Day! I wanted to drop by and tell you how inspiring your work is! I really love your story, and it's such a great reimagining of the original Prinz und Rabe story. It's well-researched, and the fairy-tale-like way it's written is spot-on and truly flows like music. 3

Ahh thank you! 3 And oh my goodness, I’m really excited for anything you have in store. :D :D Thanks for sharing your work! 3
8/9/2016 c5 jukitachan
This is lovely! And beautiful… Lohengrin
8/7/2016 c5 amentaldiversion
8/5/2016 c5 tremarctos
4/23/2016 c5 greenboyofjupter
This is beautiful
4/9/2016 c7 K0rvid
I read The Prince and the Raven and it enthralled me, it was the best story I read in a long time. I think you did it justice, considering it's not a 'real' book. Your writing is amazing! Would you be selling the book? I'd buy it if you were. I'm an utter neophyte at writing so I don't think I could offer you any meaningful criticism; I remember as I read it for the first time that I couldn't find anything to improve on so I felt a bit puzzled and bemused that you were asking for it :p If I had any friends who were Tutu fans I'd recommend your story to them.
11/18/2015 c6 Ranoko
I really like "Every rumor has a heartshard of truth." Lovely. X3 Also. SUCH A CLIFFHANGER. SO DROSSELMEYER. YES. Thank you! Wow. Goodness yes.
11/10/2015 c6 26BluSakura
AHH I finally was able to get the chance to read through your final chapter and, oh my word, it was so worth the wait. I went back and read through the entire thing all over again to gather myself, my thoughts, and my EMOTIONS.

Just. Well done. Start to finish (or not-finish, considering!). As I've said before, I can't help but appreciate the effort and research you've put into this, and your helpful citations. There have been many times in which I've done rewatches of the series with this story in mind, and I got to say, it's so flawless the way you've ended it (or, again, not-ended it!). Your OCs were fantastic and the story had such depth and precision, along with a fluid writing style right from the beginning!

The Editor's Note was the PERFECT touch in the end.

Thank you endlessly for this story. :D It's been such a joy and such an honor.
10/31/2015 c6 15Ranoko
Wow. Wooow. Wow! Drosselmeyer. Such an ending. He would.
I am veeeery intrigued by the last three words! But of course, we don't actually know anything, nor does anyone else, about them. Great, great job.
And beautiful story! I've loved it, thank you sooo much for writing it!
I will send along further comments momentarily. :3
:heart: You have done a fantastic job with this! Seriously, thank you for creating this. Fantastical job! :claps:
10/14/2015 c6 4blueberryhope
Ohhh man, congratulations on finishing this! I'm surprised at how much of the manga you drew from which is really cool(considering what the manga was). Dang the Raven is so twisted with his words, Mytho had it rough there not only just physically fighting him. I literally started hearing the overture of Swan Lake when the name Rothbarth came up. XD Do you think Drosselmeyer's last words, aka his own story in his blood, was written on the last pages of Prince and the Raven, but was cut out from the printed version? o.o I feel like the Prince and the Raven's banter was a bit confusing, but I don't know how to describe why it is so. Maybe it's a philosophical thing or some kind of transition or exposition that needs to be there to make it clear? Well, just to say again, congratz on completing your Prince and the Raven! :D
10/13/2015 c6 lalalei
I really liked the chapter! :D Can't wait for the epilogue!
10/12/2015 c5 amphmichelle
10/12/2015 c4 TheAshenAvenger
Ahhhh I love this style too cool
10/12/2015 c2 Meshimoon
10/12/2015 c5 featherfleece
;_; WHY.
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