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10/12/2015 c3 featherfleece
How beautiful…!
10/11/2015 c5 Karichi-du-solei
Gorgeous fakir otp
10/11/2015 c2 featherfleece
Recognized her character as being reminiscent of manga Edel right off the bat! You did great.
10/11/2015 c4 BluSakura

Now that I’ve finally read through all of waifine’s excellent reconstruction of The Prince and the Raven, I am just dying over how well blueberry’s work complements the story and the characters!

I am seriously spoiled by the talent of the people in this fandom *A*
10/11/2015 c5 Lectictinium
this is awesome
10/11/2015 c4 AzureSquirrel
10/11/2015 c5 Spyromancy
hooly frick
10/11/2015 c2 TheAshenAvenger
the way the illustration to this is inked in so fitting I love it
10/11/2015 c2 BluSakura
I’ve yet to read this fic all the way through but PLEASE READ IT I’m in the process and so far it’s amazing! Going to write a full review when I’m through with it but jfkdla; YESSSS 3

look at these talented people :3 WELL SO FAR I’M IN LOVE JFKDL;AS

I’ll be flailing at you when I’m done :x
10/11/2015 c5 MysticFerret
10/11/2015 c5 BlueBerryHope
yey! :3 Waifine even added in the bit where seigfried had a swan on him
9/29/2015 c5 Ranoko
I'll read through again when I have the opportunity, in one swoop, as I may have been a bit piecemeal this time, but honestly, it flowed very wonderfully even at that. (handling fantastically so far!)

And Tutu's bit... oh my goodness. It is beautiful. A slight bit confusing, but I'm attributing it to the fact that I haven't read in a while and therefore don't remember everything mentioned super clearly. And... and feels. When there's a lot of those, it's hard to concentrate too hard on much else. XD' BUT IT IS BEAUTIFUL.

I am so sorry to have made you wait so long to get feedback about this chapter. But you put in an evident amount of effort that is fantastically played out, wonderfully written, and appropriately powerful.

I wish you luck with continued writing~
9/24/2015 c5 lalalei
*cannot wait for chapter 6 o_o*
6/28/2015 c5 22SoSaysL
Great work here! Really enjoyed reading it.

So I thought that the prince's hair turning from blond to white was a really nice touch. It's something that explains that fact from canon AND makes sense in a fairy-tale realm as well as gives us a way to understand the depth of his pain and grief.

Siegfried's speech to his men also reminds us that he *is* capable of being a competent warrior prince who rallies his people (which is easy to forget since we see nothing but an emotionless, lifeless Mytho for most of the series). Also gratifying to see Lohengrin using balletic movements to defeat his enemies, since it nicely ties into the dance-battle quality of the series.

You should add a comma in the sentence "Filled with a resolve he had not felt in years [,] Lohengrin marched towards the dark castle." also to when the Raven says, "Really now [,] knight." I found the sentence "He would always protect the Prince," a bit jarring in the story flow and perhaps not as needed (but that could just be my personal preference). Also, Tutu should say "Your people." That's all the nitpicking I have now, anyway.

I appreciated how you took the time to clearly outline why the Raven was here - because good and evil had been split, and such an occurrence was unnatural. It's a logical progression to think that the Prince and the Raven are two halves of a whole, and yet I'd never thought of it that way. Nice work there. The death of Lohengrin - there we leave his perspective to hear that he died in vain that day (as opposed to truly fading out with him, a more visceral description of his death), which I found an interesting stylistic choice - fits with the fairy tale, narration-based theme of the story. And after that it is indeed fitting that Siegfried's forces lose all hope and retreat.

I'd say the one thing that is difficult about Princess Tutu's death is that we're not given too much about her as a character, that we don't know her half as well as the others. It is drawn from the series, yes, but also makes her difficult to write. As it is, I thought her scene was well-done (especially the thought you put into describing her), and it's fitting that she restores the Prince's hope (even if it is a bit cliche, that's exactly what the series is all about). I could easily see this narrative fitting into the actual series itself.

Anyway, these are my thoughts! Wonderful work. Wishing you luck with the next chapter :)
6/14/2015 c1 Hello you
Hi! It's me Keerthana. This has to be the most incredible coincidence - I just recently re watched PT, went hunting for fanfic and what should turn up but this? I haven't read it yet but I thought I'd drop by and say how thrilled I am that you actually wrote this :)
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