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for A Kingdom of Ice and Blood: A Prisoners of Isengard Sequel

7/8/2022 c11 Whitneyg7
I absolutely love this story. I really hope you fine some inspiration for it soon, I’m dying to read more. I think what I really like about this story is it shows the other side of war. Both sides always have good and bad, people just fighting for what they think is right, or maybe sometimes because they feel they have no choice. I think your story really puts that into perspective. Also, your characters are well written and ushatar’s character development really flows at what I feel is a good rate.
7/5/2022 c11 10AraelDranoth
Dang FF not letting me know that there had been updates to this story. Good stuff and I'm looking forward to the next one.
2/20/2022 c11 Ellie
I have binged this story and its predecessor in a matter of what feels like minutes, rather than days. Fantastic. Immense. Invigorating. All the other adjectives i cant currently conjure.

I wait with baited breath for what comes next. A million thanks to you, author 3
8/18/2021 c1 zia010
Dear Auset's Tears,
A long time ago I have started to read Tara's story, but I think I was too green to continue it on some point. And nowadays I remembered this piece of fanfiction and I am currently reading the sequal and I'm astonished on so many levels.
First of all your storytelling is quite spot on, you are careful with your world building, your characters, every one of them are alive and breathing. The sorrow and gore and angst is very strong around the first half of the story, you actually made me feel sick while Tara was suffering from Ushatar. His rape and the thoughts that he had from that point on really changed his character. I'm glad that they could make it to the free orcs.
I was soooooooooooo sad when the Durub died. :C He was such an awesome, open-minded, wise character. And the second blow that hit me was Faalca's death :c I was absolutely devastated. You were really careful with Tara's changing behaviour, and I'm glad that she didn't kill herself and the baby while she could have. I was amazed by how you handled her character, how she got closer and closer slowly to Ushatar. The orcesses were also very cute and understanding: I liked the idea of consuming the Durub's flesh, in a sense that it added to the world-building, otherwise, it's gross :DD
I was frankly surprised that Tara iniciated their first willing coupling, although the situation kinda gives a valid reason for that. I am happy that Tara could find happiness with the half-breed, although it seemed impossible first. And even though "we" heard her enjoy Ushatar and every piece of him, I still wonder how could they make it work... I was very happy when finally Tara wanted that baby and didnt think any more about suicide. The birthing scene you did very well, it was - as everything else - imaginable, everybody LIVEd here as well.
I absolutely liked Ghuribal's character. I know I shoudlve written this around the beginning of my text, but it just came into my mind. :D
And maybe the mooost disturbing andd surprising thing for me when Tara told her age. OMG
The sequel continued as splendidly as the main story. The humans were great, Lord Darian can go fck himself, (and well, he kinda did)
I was smiling to myself that you brought back Ushatar and his drawing skills. I am really excited about how that power awakening will work.
I was very sad about NEmlii's death, poor dwarves and half-dwarves. :C the ritual terrified me in more than one level and currently i am going to find out with Tara, what exactly changed in Ushatar... sooo exited.
In shorter words, I really wanted to thank you for writing this story, it screams about how much time you put into world-building, into your characters. Although some places are quite horrific, I still think it was worth getting through and following your story so far, so THANK you :)
*still reading:
4/20/2021 c10 1ararsh
I was so glad to see the update! And I finally found the time to enjoy it! Nicely done. Can’t wait for more.
3/8/2021 c10 6Auset's Tears
2/28/2021 c9 First Dragon
Tara is really distressed about the whole magic Ushatar gained. He, on the other side, is very happy about this powerful weapon. There is already a rift between them, cumulationg in Tara's assumption that a ghost is among them instead her beloved man. I am sad about this development. Together they were so strong but separated...?
Great chapter, I am so very happy to see this new update! :-)
2/27/2021 c9 crow of judgement
11/17/2020 c8 mezzieb1
10/22/2020 c8 First Dragon
What did they do after Tara left? What kind of magic is exactly at work here? This power does not seem evil. Perhaps has never been. Saruman was evil and so was his magic. Ushatar is not evil, he wants to protect his clan and his family, so his magic might be a powerful protection.
Can't wait to read more... :-)
10/22/2020 c7 First Dragon
That seemed to be the best outcome imaginable. Ushatar ia still himself, he is still able to love... and he is still able to sense the faintest whiff of a new life developing... ;-)
This feels good, they had reached a turning point.
10/22/2020 c6 First Dragon
I hope that it will not come to the worst... but there is a chance that Ushatar, wielding that power, might be able to do more than only defeat the wraiths. The clan has another encounter coming and they might need every advantage they can gain...
9/30/2020 c7 Auset's Tears
Hey everyone! I can see that reviews are being left, but unfortunately they aren't visible yet, so I'm leaving this test-review to try to debug, because I have absolutely no patience in waiting for ff support to respond...
9/29/2020 c5 First Dragon
The transformation into a wraith was scary but it was even scarier to not know why one sword was able to defeat it and another was not. Ushatar and his clan/family are not save yet... they barely escaped starvation. Every time I go further with this story the urge to protect them rises. Someone has to give them a save place to live.
King Elessar must come to the right conclusions. He already decided for a scouting mission. Perhaps, if the right people are among these scouts, there will be further understanding?
I am always happy to djscover a new update, makes my day! :-) This story ist worth to wait for. Thank you!
9/29/2020 c1 crow of judgement
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