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for The End of the Clone Wars

8/18 c25 Guest
So uhh i take it this is gonna be left unfinished cause its been like 6 years lol
1/14/2018 c25 Emily
Then we cut to Obi Wan cutting palpes limbs off
1/1/2018 c25 Guest
This is so great! I LOVE IT and I'm beyond intrigued! Don't stop now please! Update!
1/1/2018 c25 1anakinstarwars44
No ! Anakin can not die. And happy new year ;-D
12/31/2017 c25 sodorland
I was holding my breath till the end. What happened to Anakin? Ahhh!
12/27/2017 c24 Proud of ya
Yo just stopping by to say that you've got a lot of spirit to continue a story you haven't updated in so long.
You can do it!
Really hope Anakin lives tho
12/28/2017 c24 anakinstarwars44
I really like your story. We still have no news of Anakin. I wonder what could have happened to him (I hope nothing serious). Strongly following and continuing your tone !
12/25/2017 c24 9david.davies.5851
Good to hear from you again. It took me a while to remember where you were in the story. It seems Obi-Wan has found himself in a fix now. Why doesn't that surprise me? I wonder what Padme has in store as well.
12/25/2017 c24 sodorland
So glad to see the update! This is just too good to be left unfinished!
Merry Christmas!
12/6/2017 c23 Guest
I can't even fell you how much I love this, ease update! There is still so much I need to know!
7/31/2016 c23 Ani-Chan
I love this sooooo much. Please finish :,( !
6/10/2016 c23 9Tacodestroyeravenger
Well I wasn't originally going to review because this hasn't been updated for a while and I'm an Obi-centric fanfic reader and this wasn't one of those...but hey, what can I say? I hold out hope for that Sidious/Obi battle.
1/26/2015 c1 mavic chen
A word about It doesn't end there, the Donna AU. On television Donna got a HAPPY ENDING. He didn't ruin her life, and she's in no danger. Wasn't that clear?
1/8/2015 c23 scottusa1
Good luck Padme. You're gonna need it.

Keep it up. Laters.
1/8/2015 c23 Guest
Poor Padmé's family (and Padmé herself too). That's not good at all. I wonder how she is going to deal with Grievous.
On the other hand, they've all seemed to figure out that Palpatine can't be trusted (or are at least suspicious of him), which is a really good thing.
Can't wait to see what's next!
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