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for The Sister She Always Wanted

5/6 c39 2SpSt
I really enjoyed this one. thanks for your hard work
4/29 c2 Rosehyon
Un de merveilleux commencement.
3/31 c2 Delbert59
I have to comment on the A/N , I love the Carolina Crown horn line. Simply the best every year. The year my daughter marched with Blue Coats. The CC horn line actually made me cry as they turned to face the crowd and the music swelled so richly. That was 2006 or 2007. Ts been so long I don’t remember the actual year.
3/5 c23 Black widow
I love your story but I do think your characterization of Catherine de Bourgh is extremely OOC
3/4 c39 75Silver Orbed Lioness
I loved this story despite the historical inaccuracies.6
2/21 c39 7ctrprincess
Wow. What a great read. I loved the idea and of this story and what happened because of it.
1/14 c39 Petite Mule
Thank you very much for a lovely story. You are kind and generous to your readers and characters too.
10/30/2021 c39 reptoholic
Loved this story
10/30/2021 c38 reptoholic
Wow just wow
10/30/2021 c37 reptoholic
10/30/2021 c36 reptoholic
Why did he freaking pay himmmmmm
10/30/2021 c35 reptoholic
10/30/2021 c34 reptoholic
10/30/2021 c33 reptoholic
Poor marry will be alone
10/30/2021 c32 reptoholic
Hope she takes it well
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