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11/24/2019 c1 Guest
So cute
6/18/2014 c1 VG
OOH! How about a sequel where Catherine does learn that Mary went to Bash's room, and uses that against her to protect her pwecious Fwancis? Remember how Francis was quick to believe the worst of Mary and accused her of flirting and sleeping with AttemptedRapistColin, to get back at him for having a girl in his room in the Pilot? (Yeah Francis is a big ol' hypocrite) So I could see Francis being a big jealous jerk as usual, and refusing to believe Mary didn't sleep with Bash to get back at him for sleeping with Olivia, and maybe driving Mary into Bash's arms for good! :) (She never should've forgiven Francis after the Olivia thing) And then Mash ride off on horseback like in "Fated", but really togethertogether, eloping to Scotland! :) YES! And then maybe Henry drags them back to make them get married 'cause he wants England so bad? And legitimizes Bash and forces Francis to watch THEIR consummation! Ha! Sorry for dictating to you - I'm just excited by all your alternate versions of episodes. They're SO COOL. Moooooore pleeeeeeease!
6/11/2014 c1 6kqshipalot
6/5/2014 c1 8chrisrose
Get out of my head! No...stay...and keep making my Mash fic dreams come true. ;) I also thought Mary should've visited Bash instead of Francis. Much better to have a meaningful, honest, heart-to-heart talk like this, than Frary's way of *not* dealing with their issues and just jumping into bed. (Questionable timing indeed, Frary's First Time, so soon after Frolivia and Mary's insecurity over Olivia taunting her sexual inexperience, etc. Not to mention the scene reeked of "hey baby we could've died today! let's celebrate being alive and have sex while we can!" *Bash* never took advantage of Mary's vulnerable state after *Mash's* many life-threatening near-death experiences. Hmmph.) Too bad the showrunner's proven she prefers mind-numbing sex scenes to heartwarming emotional payoff and much needed conversations between characters! I think this is only the second fanfic I've seen that addresses Diane's involvement in Count Vincent's attack on the palace, and Bash confessing to Mary. Yet another compelling storyline with great potential that Reign dropped! Anyway you did a great job with natural flowing thoughts/talk between Mary & Bash, showing their mutual support and understanding. I love how he comforts and reassures her and praises her bravery in saving herself and her Ladies. That's Bash...making Mary feel better about herself, as a woman and a ruler - strengthening her confidence instead of tearing her down like *some* people. Really well-written...the kiss...and trying to take it back...again! You made me sympathize with Mary instead of being annoyed with her for jerking Bash around! ;) It helped that Bash got a little annoyed himself, and that YourMary was more grateful and open about her feelings for him than the show allows her to be. Keep fixing episodes for us please! :)

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