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5/31/2014 c1 17MyahLyah
This was so beautifully written. The love the sisters have for each other, and in a way Tiana being the younger sister yet presents herself as if she's the protective yet supportive older who reminds her that she deserves love after all the heartache and pain she endurued, the mistakes she's made he loves and accepts her and her daughter he sees as his own daughter. His own flesh and blood.

I can understand where Telese have some concern. I mean why would a man like Errol would even want her when he can have any woman he wants. She can't even give him what he needs to secure the future of his royal bloodline yet he still loves and wants her.

Great start to this Royals series and am honored you used Telese as one of your first. And that you showcased their sisterhood and love and closeness. You're a talented writer. I hope you write more on this series.

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