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for Numeralshots Prologue - The Future Upon Us

6/8/2014 c3 55XBrain130
Just wow. The Duel was so intense, and the conclusion was epic!

I was half-expecting a son for Astral and Mia, but Future being the Future Number was a surprise! And the expression of Hope and Love made me laugh!

So, Cathy and Takashi now work at the Academy. Interesting idea.

And there's even a narrator...
6/2/2014 c2 5magic135
great job.
6/2/2014 c2 14Animecartoonlover36
I love this! My favorite part was when Astral acted like a GPS. Hehe X3 Keep up the great work :)
6/2/2014 c2 55XBrain130
Ahahah! Shark wanting Tryga to win at any cost is hilarious! Especially because it would be so true! (Though if using the exact Anime effects, Tryga would have won without using so many cards, just shout "DARK SOUL ROBBER!" and CNo.101 absorbs the opponent's mon)

The part with Astral going all GPS is very funny too!

And dat ritual... o.o wut?
5/31/2014 c1 XBrain130
Very interesting. I wonder what will happen next.

I have a slight feeling that this story fuses some of Vile's elements with a few of mine. And want to know what will pull off this fic basing on this.

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