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7/1 c20 BigSkeez0195
nice cliffhanger! Glad to see things working out for our protagonists again. Although this is always the true turn in the EVA timeline. So i assume things will only go downhill (tone wise) from here. My only thing i really noticed which has always been a contested discussion among eva fans is Shinjis eye color. Ive been under the impression that he has dark blue eyes. But again i could be wrong. Its weird how something like that can catch my attention. but great chapter all around!
7/1 c20 Nikys
Wow, read it in two days. Totally worth it. Gimme more!
6/29 c20 person
Awesome story! Can’t wait for the next chapter
6/29 c20 7Panther2G
["Do you hate me now?"

He shook his head. "Never."

"Do you trust me?"


She bit her lip. "Do you wanna kiss me?"

"Always," he said.

So he did.] This whole bit just made me smile. So glad Asuka has deeply absorbed the knowledge that he will wait for her to uncoil enough to talk to him, she _can_ talk to him about it, and that he'll absolutely want to hold and kiss her at the end.
6/28 c20 tomdj1701
Great chapter glad to have some more progress with Shinji and Asuka. Looking forward to the battle within Unit 3.
6/27 c20 Martyr Mcjones
Can't wait to see how you handle Shinjis reaction to Bardiel, good story and writing.
6/27 c20 38Author0fntent
Hoo-boy, back together right as the Bardiel incident's about to go down. Fingers crossed...
6/27 c20 PogChamp
This is amazing
6/18 c19 NotAnOverlord
This is amazing. I really like how each character is portrayed true to the show, yet built on. I am really enjoying how all of the characters are progressing. You said at one point that the book was going to be a little slow, but I think the pacing is perfect. I never think that a section is too long, it's just long enough to keep my interest yet sill progress the story if that makes sense. There has been no point in this story where you have failed to keep my interest. I am really looking forward to the rest of the book!
6/18 c19 Zane19
Looking Forward to it! Great work so far man!
6/17 c19 BigSkeez0195
Good segue chapter. Excited to see what happens next! I can never trust when Gendo is attempting to be genuine. Hes never seemed like a man who would do something unless it benefits him
6/16 c19 Provide succor
For sure one of the best fics on this site. Good job.
6/16 c19 Guest
Instant click when I saw this - cool chapter. I like the buildup, but I hope it also breaks over soon, if that makes any sense. Either way, eagerly awaiting more.
6/16 c19 tomdj1701
Great chapter. Hoping that bridge between Shinji and Asuka gets mended soon.
6/5 c18 BigSkeez0195
Hoping to see this story continue updating! this is certainly the big turning point of the original story so i'm excited to see the contrasts you create. Looking forward to more!
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