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7h c26 NigerianNaruto
Sheesh Kaworu getting flamed for playing the same role for Asuka as he did for Shinji in canon. Sure this Kaworu got less development than canon Kaworu, but I feel like that’s what Anno intended anyways (why else would he be introduced and killed all in one episode).

While the ending of this chapter is a bit uncomfortable to read, I think its depiction of Kaworu as a miraculous figure that the mc can instantly relate to is very well done. It’s easy to see why Asuka fell for him since he was practically a beacon of light in a world of shit, granted she was the one who turned her world into shit in the first place. Similarities between Shinji and Asuka are painfully apparent here, but still, I can’t help but feel excited for the next chapter. I hope you enjoy writing it.
9h c26 Guest
Chapter 26 - Interlude III
What a great chapter, I now throulogly hate Kawrou and I'm extremely mad as Shinji and Asuka. Can't wait to see how this plays out but boy do I hope theres a happy ending to all of this.
5/5 c26 7Panther2G
Oh no, Asuka, you have very, very much done the wrong thing. This is going to not end well for anyone involved. Christ, at least in series canon, Shinji wasn't practically cheating on Shinji because he couldn't apologize to Asuka for being an ass.

This is an amazing amount of self-sabotage from someone who is already a master at it. She got everything she supposedly wanted, and the biggest surprise is that it didn't end up leaving her as suicidal as canon.

I know this is likely meant to be a mirror of Shinji's emotional interaction with Kaworu in Canon, but it does feel a bit off for a scooter so quickly reach the point of physical intimacy with someone she has known for at best a few days and had a couple of conversations with, when the same was far longer with Shinji, someone she knew much better. I suppose we chalk that up to the near disassociative level of emotional paralysis she was in.
5/5 c26 Guest
Well Fuck this just gets better
5/4 c26 4calborghete
Wow, sad ending, your story intrigued me, I'm waiting for the next chapters ... Asuka is making me angry.
5/2 c26 Temu
Never expect something like this...
5/2 c26 Guest
[kill bill sirens] oh boy here we go
5/2 c26 MC Finrod
Man, reviews for this one are all over the place haha. I thought the chapter was fine, it may not be everyone’s cup of tea but it’s just one chapter in the larger story. Gotta think of how it all goes together for the big picture. Looking back I got caught in the trap of thinking things would follow pretty similar to canon, maybe because that’s what a lot of the Eva fanfic I’ve read so far has been. Nice to get the reminder that it’s not necessarily so. But yeah, trying to guess what’s coming up next, kaworu I’ve got no clue which is fun. On the flip side while this chapter isn’t the most fun to read for the main characters (at least while gunning for the happy endings for everyone) I think it feels realistic enough. It’s all really not that far a stretch, especially when you remember asuka and shinji are just confused poorly adjusted high schoolers. Like sure you could say it could need more time to build up asuka connecting with kaworu or to rush it less, but then it just gets dragged out and personally I feel that’s not really where a heavy focus point of the story seems to be? Maybe just me. But enough rambling, what else... with unit 02 out of action are we prepping for some shinji suffering in the near future? Give rei a reason to get in the Eva? Looking forward to seeing what’s next.
5/1 c26 Dimes4Crimes
Sweet Jesus, you're really writing Shinji out of all of his notable encounters, Lmao. Might as well kill him off, give Asuka some more development, after all the only purpose he has in this story at this point is for something Asuka to have angst about.
5/1 c25 Dimes4Crimes
I've gotta agree with Asuka on this one, Unit 01 has been shown to be completely useless throughout this story, whether it be with Leliel or any other Angel. My question is why? You could take every Unit but 02 out and it wouldn't really make a difference besides with Bardiel. To be honest it's a little disappointing, probably because I thought this was going to have a focus on both Asuka and Shinji, but I guess it's a Asuka fic.
5/1 c26 skyf0x
Omg, this chapter is so great and so confusing at once. Damn this Kaworu with the hair clips. I never thought that roles of Asuka and Shinji could be mirrored like this in this version of the Eva-story. I don't believe that Asuka can be like this with Kaworu, I cringed at it, though you described it wonderfully, it's really believable. She's lonely because of herself and there is an angel that gives you everything you need. I hate and understand Asuka at the same time. My heart is broken as Shinji's. Now I just want that Shinji will be the one to kill Tabris, but it's an unbelievable miracle, we know how it all works in the Evangelion. The angst is killing me, but it's perfect.
5/1 c26 1KingXanaduu
Oh crap...oh merciful crap...

What the hell do you have planned?...this can only end badly...for everyone...
5/1 c26 Evatard
Although I am a fan of Asushin, I also hold a grudge against Shinji's behavior throughout the franchise, as he is also a self-centered character who only acts expecting approval, love and appreciation from others, but when he gets it, he doesn't feel like he must reciprocate by providing these feelings to others. His suffering is much less compared to what Asuka went through and yet they always pamper him and treat him like a fragile crystal being who for 10 years had a normal life behaving like a brat without expectations. I don't remember the entire content of this fic as I had read it a long time ago, but based on what I remember from Shinji's "kidnapping", the fight with Unit 3, and his resignation from Nerv when he found out that Touji was injured and the truth was hidden from him. We see a selfish character who always runs away when things don't go his way. To the point of abandoning Asuka to her fate whom he claims to love without any second thought, allowing Asuka to get hurt or even die in battle by not supporting her because he is focused on his tantrums and self-pity. Therefore, it is not strange that if someone more emotionally supportive appears in Asuka's life, even if it is an angel, she will take the opportunity for emotional and sentimental stability, therefore, if she develops a more serious relationship between her and Kaworu it wouldn't annoy me. Well, like I said before, Shinji needs to grow up and stop thinking only about him and his needs if he wants to be with someone because his lack of self-esteem prevents him from seeing that he too makes mistakes and that he too should be blamed. I’ve notices that almost all writers depict Shinji as a charater who at the last gets his happiness and all the others characters have to put through with all the crap he does to get to his goal.
The problem that I see with Hideaki's work is that he does a self-insertion and that is why he wants to reflect his life through the character who in the end gets an acquittal but if we are objective the other characters should not have tolerated the behavior of Shinji to the point of making it seem as if his actions weren't weighing heavily on their lives. Well if it was more realistic in the last 3.0 1.0 movie, Shinji was killed when he recovered or after the almost fourth impact and yet he is treated as a character who needs help and guidance as he ruined everyone's life. Going back to this last chapter, if we are realistic, no one would bear to be in a relationship with someone like Shinji because of the way he is because if he just wants to be pleased and not reciprocate, he better stay alone. until he ends up making the couple suffer by having a relationship.
5/1 c1 Daddy Cayden
That's Fire.
5/1 c26 Guest
Oh wow I really loved this chapter, everything is going at a good pace, I really liked the interactions of the characters, especially Asuka, she has become a very unpredictable girl, that ending reaffirms it, I can't wait to read what she will do Shinji, what is Kaworu planning, and of course what role will Misato play, what an amazing cliffhanger !
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