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4/23/2016 c5 TheSpawn117
are there going to be any updates soon?
10/1/2015 c5 7The Canadian Patriot
7/1/2015 c5 aregulargamer
Pretty good, we can haz more updates plz? But, in all seriousness this is very good and interesting. Cant wait to see the Jedi's reaction to chaos, or the MILLIONS of worlds in the imperium, or casual use of exterminatus, or the adeptus mechanicus doing their thing. You should defiantly update more.
5/12/2015 c1 3tcpanter
Definitely some interesting ideas here. The barrier sounds cool. Plus I think the end of the Clone Wars is the perfect era for a Warhammer crossover. I look forwards to reading some more for sure.

One word though you should be using "an" instead of "a" when saying things like "A age of war" or "A age that would never end."

Apart from that its a great start.
11/23/2014 c4 Phoenix Conexion
Some spelling errors in your story need to be fix, some info like the huge amount of ships, how many blaster bolt hit Vas flak armor? to my information in reality, flak armor provide good protection against bullets and shots from las shots, so it should handle blaster bolt just fine. Something tells me you got this CMC power armor from starcraft instead of giving Veterans carapace armor, why is Esnulf acting like a child? a planet alway give a well trained regiment every year as a tithe to the Imperium so is Esnulf suppose to be well discipline, doesn't Vas know what a clone is? look at the Death Korps of Krieg made up of some clones and normal soldier, known throughout the Imperium. I see portienal in this story, however I recommend reading some Warhammer crossovers fanfic (not the warhammer-star wars ones) and researching on both universe to appleased both Warsies abd 40kers
8/28/2014 c4 2Emberframe
cool i like this story please keep updating
8/27/2014 c1 1SpecH82T
Ahh the Space Marines will gut you jedi pansies!
7/11/2014 c3 gago123
I really like the story so far. If you are going to continue it, I might even love it. The only think I don't really like, is the abnormal high number of ships the republic and the CSI is using.
Here are some informations about the republic fleet from wookipedia:

During the Clone Wars, the Republic Navy was divided into multiple fleets, each fleet representing the sum total of naval forces in a given sector. Each fleet varied in composition, in relation to the needs of their assigned battlespace, and could be combined to form provisional task forces as needed. Most officers, especially high-ranking officers, were not clones.[17] The command structure of the Republic Navy was further broken down as follows:

Republic Navy: Consisting of hundreds of fleets, the Navy was under the leadership of Commander-in-Chief Supreme Chancellor Palpatine after the passage of the Security Act amendment.[17]

Armada: An Armada was an administrative formation representing all forces allocated to a specific theater of war, generally numbering between 1,000 to 5,000 warships plus support units. It was commanded by a High Jedi General, such as a member of the Jedi High Council.[17]

Fleet: A Fleet was commanded by a Fleet Admiral. It was generally composed of 3 to 6 Battle Groups numbering between 100 to 300 warships plus support units.[17]

Battle Group: A Battle Group was commanded by an Admiral or Jedi General and consisted of 2 to 4 Squadrons. Numbering between 48 to 72 warships plus support units, a Battle Group was considered to have enough force to take all but the most heavily fortified enemy strongholds.[17]

Squadron: A Squadron was commanded by a Commodore or Jedi General and consisted of 3 to 4 Sections, or roughly 12 to 36 warships, plus support units. Each Section was meant to compliment each other, such as a group of escorts providing a defensive screen for larger warships.[17]

Section: A Section was usually commanded by the most senior Captain, unless there was a Jedi Commander present. The exact role of a Section determined how many ships it contained. Large warships, such as battleships and cruisers, operated in "lines" of 3 to 4 vessels. Smaller craft, such as corvettes, operated in "flotillas" of 6 to 12 vessels.[17]

Element: The technical name given to a single ship, each ship was normally commanded by a Captain. Rarely was a Jedi Commander given command of a ship.[17]
7/4/2014 c3 DasPeas
Not all Imperial planets have destroyed ecosystem or is polluted, which is why there is Agri worlds.
6/26/2014 c3 Guest
sheesh. This is a lot of ships. Still, I wonder how the Imperium would last against other franchises like Homeworld, or Star Trek.
6/2/2014 c2 DasPeas
30 million ships is ALOT.
6/1/2014 c2 2U.N.S
I don;t know about you but throwing ridiculous numbers like 10,000 and 30 million ships around for a just a single battle, is unrealistic, the republic and the CIS even at their height of the war didn't have that many ships in the entire galaxy and you just had 30 million all piled up in one single battle. No one will take that seriously, tone down that number.

no one sends 10,000 ships for a investigation or even in a first battle against an enemy, you would only send one to three ships to investigate and a battle group of 6 to 12 ships these are far more realistic numbers

the only people who could ever muster such huge number of ships is the Imperium of man and that is because their entire society is geared to total war and even then they only mass ships in the millions for major interstellar campaigns where hundreds or thousands of worlds will be fought over not for a single planet or star system.

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