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6/10/2014 c3 maesde
Nice fic! Just found it, hopefully it will keep on for a lot of chapters, I really like this pairing even though I haven't seen it that many times. :D can't wait for chapter 4!
6/8/2014 c3 Guest
Just a small detail, you stated that Gohan and Erasa took off their shoes when they first entered her house. So Gohan is flying home without any shoes and Erasa's dad would see Gohan's shoes after coming into the house. ... sorry if it seems picky I just thought that the small detail a lot of people might not notice could turn into a lot of interesting/funny scenarios.
6/8/2014 c3 Guest
Please have Gohan teaxh videl and Ersa how to Fly a.d basis of ki
6/8/2014 c3 2maximusrexmundi
Largehard Microsoft lol
Fony Sony. Not too hard ;-)
Again, I love how you make out Erasa here. She is everything Videl wasn't in the original, which frankly is what I prefer (team anyone-but-videl represent!)
Chi-chi was her usual annoying self so well done there. You made me hate her just as much as I hated canon ChiChi, which is a lot ;-) how Gohan never went SSJ as a child just to shut her up is beyond me. I mean, hell, she threatened a sayians food supply... if that never created a need I don't know what would hahaha
Anyway, awesome chapter and I can't wait for the next one
6/8/2014 c3 Sheepra
) good chapter! Thanks for updating
6/8/2014 c3 6BeneathThisMask
Love this chapter!

The teacher reminds me of Lewis Black. Definitely loving him a little more than I should. Erasa is actually quite cute. This story is starting to make me like her, which is a mark of a good fanfiction; taking a character that we see, what, twice? and making him/her into a vibrant person all on their own.

Kinda makes me wish Toriyama had expounded more on her _

The anguish displayed by Gohan over Goku's death is a particularly interesting approach for me. In the Dragon Ball universe, death literally has no consequence, even if the Dragonballs can't bring one back for some reason. So, while my heart wants to feel sad for Gohan, my head keeps telling me that there is nothing really to mourn because Goku has escaped the Afterlife more times than Houdini escaped death at this point.

Still, its a very nice approach.

Different from what we're used to.

Keep up the good work!
6/8/2014 c3 36Demod20
Very happy how this Chapter turned out. Easing these two into a genuine, heartwarming friendship first before any form of romance is conveyed between these two. Though, from the feelsy moments these two share with each other, its clear to see that they both harbor mutual infatuation for one another at this point in time

Giving Erasa character development was the best way to carry out this chapter, after we get the whole "I know everything about you" out of the way. What little was told shows just how much of Erasa is really a lonely, past-living girl who wants to be nothing more than a child to aimlessly express herself for a long time onwards. Perhaps Gohan's presence will help get her out of the past just as it will for Gohan himself :3

The scenes with Kinto'un and Ippan were probably my favorite. Personally, I'm a sucker for fluffy things being cuddled by cute girls, and Erasa doing that in spades with both just makes me squee with joy. Very touching and cute story :]

Can't wait to see more! :D
6/8/2014 c3 1Rojaru
Well...this chapter was quite...feelsy. This gets better and better the more it continues. Probably my favorite chapter thus far. Well done! Keep up the good work!
6/8/2014 c3 1SaiyanIncubus
Well, Gohan's Dead. Chi Chi is gonna kill him when she figures out he was at a Girl's House, although he should have made some sort of move. RIP Gohan, RIP.
6/8/2014 c3 WineIXI
This is very entertaining. Well done
6/8/2014 c3 2Dyton
Fony is kind of straight to the point. Largehard is a little harder. Like I said before it is an interesting concept. I love the fact that someone finally learns a little about Gohan without the need to blackmail him. Chichi's reaction seems a little over the top, and yet I can completely see her doing that. It's almost ironic that the most grandchild-loving women also can't accept when there might be a women in the life of her son. Really good chapter can't wait for the next part. If I can request something I get that at the end this is a G/E story, but please don't try to set Videl with someone else. I know it sounds silly, but I just can't see her with anyone else other than Gohan. Keep up the good work
6/3/2014 c2 Guest
Make Gohan anf Videl close. Havr Gohan be a Martial Arts Mentor to her.
6/3/2014 c2 Guest
Love it.

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6/3/2014 c1 Guest
Nice. Make Gohan and Videl close as Siblings. While Gohan x Ersa
6/5/2014 c2 icecreamguy
Another great chapter, I really look forward to this story! Good job
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