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4/25/2020 c93 10Power of Magic
Good chapter, and I look forward to seeing who'll be fighting next time
4/25/2020 c93 X3runner
Would be cool to see Erasa pull something kaguya like dimension ripping techniques to fight think about it like jinamba fighting
4/25/2020 c93 3RHatch89
Awesome update :)
4/24/2020 c93 silverhawk88
Well one thing is for sure, Erasa isn’t someone you want to mess with...geez!
4/24/2020 c93 RKF22
4/15/2020 c9 Xavier Stewart
I really liked the interaction between Gohan and Erasa’s dad Marque. Glad that he was able to trust him with his daughter and sees that he’s a kind hearted and humble man. Also I love the bond that Chi Chi was having with Erasa and talking about what was it like being with Goku all them years. Her character development is indeed improving. Moving on to the next chapter.
4/14/2020 c7 Xavier Stewart
Great chapter! I absolutely loved it! Gohan & Erasa’s first kiss definitely warmed my heart. And Erasa going along with him to meet his friends including Piccolo. I loved the moment between him & Gohan, and him analyzing Erasa and noticing that Gohan was training her on controlling her ki and learning how to fly freely. It even warmed my heart when Piccolo said he was proud of him. That’s my boy Piccolo! Anyways, good job with this chapter. And now moving on to the next one.
4/13/2020 c6 Xavier Stewart
I loved this chapter. I like how Chi Chi’s beginning to realize that Gohan is a grown man now and she has to let him go. Really liking the development for her. Also love her interaction with Erasa. I knew she would accept her from the moment she started to interact with her.
4/13/2020 c11 3Chaos Exilion
I know you have probably heard this a dozen times and it's definitely your story to write but I, as a long time fan of DBZ just cannot help but be slightly perturbed by how strongly emphasized you view super saiyan eyes as Green, specifically the use of the word Emerald the strongest green in my opinion, anyway I'm not saying join the blue team because I agree there's green there but it's more teal, or blue green for those into color mixing but I'm just nitpicking the details.

Anyway love your story, you are my first real DBZ fanfic author that I'm actually interested in and I am loving you.
4/7/2020 c3 BuddhaBuddha
Great so far. I just hope you dont make him saiyaman. In my opinion, that is a stain on gohans character.
3/26/2020 c92 Guest
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3/20/2020 c47 Hatred
I knew right from the start that Erasa was going to play a part in Majin Buu. Once I heard of the Holy Water and the connection to humans, I just knew it and the footsteps last chapter I thought were hers as well. Glad to be ocrrect. Onlt question is, will she defeat Buu or Gohan?

I mean obviously Gohan will... would be anticlimatic.
3/9/2020 c92 James1996
Great so far, I look forward to reading more in the future.
2/26/2020 c92 asim.rockstar
Please revive goku vegeta krillin from namekiean dragonballs and make all saiyans ssjblue
2/24/2020 c92 X3runner
Did goten two into as SSG right there for a moment ... neat I kinda hope gohan deviates from SSB fire to the negative emotions and gains SSRosé, Also I wonder if they could have bribed whis with somthing like gohan exchanging him agreeing to take the GoD title when berus is dead for a quick travel experience. Honestly I think this should teach them to not take the whole vanguard away at the sane time and maybe that a teleportation technique would be a smart thing to learn.?
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