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5/3/2019 c86 victor0606
Great chapter.
5/3/2019 c86 RKF22
5/3/2019 c86 1omegazeroinfi
this has been bothering me for a while now.
nameccian? is this even right? i was always under the impression it was namekian. until i get an idea of where this came from, i cant be sure of whether its technically correct or not.
4/27/2019 c65 ChronoMitsurugi
Am i the only one who would have been happy to have a mini series of 10 min episodes of just Whis and Beerus on a galactic journey, eating food and blowing up stuff?
4/27/2019 c63 ChronoMitsurugi
Trunks and Videl, ha, called it. And now to mentally surpress it. Along with my dislike of Satan, Yamcha, Vegeta and Trunks.

Anywho, moving beyond my personal preference, lets talk about my personal preference. I love the path this has taken. Really glad Martial Arts and Ki have become so common place. Reminds me of the end of Shaolin Soccer starring Stephen Chow, where everyone in the world is just casually using Kung Fu as part of their everyday lives.
4/27/2019 c60 ChronoMitsurugi
Oh god no. Please tell me im just paranoid and you didnt pair Trunks and Videl.
Im almost too afraid to continue the story to find out.

Its bad enough that Mr. Satan is still up to his bullshit.

Wish me luck, im going in.
4/24/2019 c14 ChronoMitsurugi
Dammit, ive seen it a million times, but the image of Goku reuniting with family and friends always warms my heart and brings a smile to my face.
4/21/2019 c17 Issei ODR
Excelente. Capitulo me recuerda las peleas cuando goku era pequeño
4/20/2019 c86 777torn777
Take your time. :P No use forcing it. Then it changes from something you want to do, to something you have to do.
2/13/2019 c85 anthonymosca27
This has to be my favorite story of your second favorite story of yours that are surely enjoyed the Eraser Chronicles I look forward to reading more I wish you the best of luck and thank you for writing some good Dragon Ball Z and make it believable and this is what fanfiction was supposed to be about I wish you the best all why you added should give Red Dead Redemption 2 with you won't be disappointed babe I come in fanfiction suggestions to for you Naruto pack mates end Red Dead Redemption salvation you might like it I wish you the best of luck in your future fanfiction Endeavor and keep up the extraordinary job I was wondering could you write one story with Goku ends up with Mai from Dragon Ball I read one but it was only one shot I like to hear the story with that is a full-length story good luck or Sasha Bardock teammate from planet Vegeta survives I can't pronounce her name the female Saiyan from the tournament of power
2/13/2019 c85 Liltye504
Can you make pen in the deviant art but older
2/7/2019 c85 3Gater-Da-Gunslinger
Annddd I'm finally all caught up! Bare with me here.

When I first started reading this, I was on edge, unsure, as I said before in my first review. However I gave it a chance and I nodded my head, the first few chapters piquing my interest.

When Erasa started training in order to protect Videl, I was really bothered by it. Videl is easily one of my favorite characters and to see her needing protection by basically an OC Erasa, it triggered me more than I would have liked.

That being said, I let it slide...even when Videl was constantly being, at what I saw at the time, belittled. Humans becoming as strong as Saiyans didn't help either.

Most of this you already know, so let's move on.

I gotta tell you, other than the final fight in the Majin Buu arc, I didn't enjoy that arc much (your description of the fights has nothing to do with that. You're amazing at that)...and it's a shame because that's what took a large portion of this story. Other than Erasa/Gohan, Majin Buu was the main arc at the time.

Then ten years passed.

AND EVERYTHING changed! From there on, I loved everything!

Bulma becoming even more obsessed with technology was definitely an amazing path to go because that's her way to cope with the loss of her husband. Had a little bit of a hard time picturing how the advanced technology looked like, but I was like what the hell. I'll go with whatever my mind makes up.

Trunks/Videl...wtf? it's actually cute! XD (And yes, I finally love Videl here!)

Erasa has finally grown on me! (love little Pen )

The fight with Beerus was fantastic and the idea to bring back Goku's mother Gine for the Super Saiyan God ritual was very creative!

I can go on and on about how great this is shaping up simply because this is ALL original. Battle of God did take from the movie and show, but still, the spins and twist were all really great!

And now we are here, in whatever arc your planning which includes...whatever the hell Bulma is doing...it almost sounds like she's losing herself (she lost an arm, poor thing) and Cell!

You're truly shining here my friend, so keep up the good work! I will most definitely be following this.

2/4/2019 c51 Gater-Da-Gunslinger
Read up to here now, I must say, it's been an interesting journey thus far.

Replacing the Elder Kai (who is missing) power up with Korin is pretty neat. But this only applies to Gohan. Erasa, No. The fact that she could hold her own against Super Buu was ridiculous. I can understand if she was some kind of alien-like her mother or something, but a normal human, it's a force. Now you're pretty much jumping into (more like have been) Dragon Ball Super territory (Tournament of Power lol)

Though this isn't a bad thing at all, It's upsetting that you did not include Potara fusion and worse, Buu Absorption! That's one of my favorites Buu techniques. But nevertheless, it's refreshing to see something new like this.

I do like the method that Kid Buu was brought out and you did an excellent job executing his personality (not that he has much other than crazy lol). (A)

The fighting sequences are fantastic in this story. When I first started reading this story, I wasn't sure how you'd do since it took quite some time before you did a true fight. I wasn't disappointed (A)

I love the closer between Vegeta and Goku. From the manner in which you wrote it, it seems like Goku will stay in Otherworld forever and unfortunately so will Vegeta. As much as I love Goku, I do like Vegeta too. Him kicking the bucket means that there are no full-blooded Saiyans left (unless you're going to include Broly or Vegeta's little brother.) (A)

Lastly, I don't understand why Videl and Piccolo still have the Majin symbol on their foreheads. Shouldn't that have disappeared when Babidi died? I wish you'd explain that because it seems like the only reason why you left that was to keep them relevant.

I really do like this story, the only thing that is preventing me from fully enjoying it is Videl's personality (Which I truly hate) and unfortunately Erasa, which while I don't hate her, I find it annoying. Otherwise, I like this story and I just...can't...PUT it down XD

Seems like you're going into Super, before the end of Z, so let me see how the rest of this pans out.

2/3/2019 c85 MegaDork2
Hello i enjoy your story but whens the next chapter and can you please do the fukkatsu no f arc, the destroyer tournament, skip the pottafu arc, get to the horrible zamasu arc and just keep it the same as the original stories just with your characters and keep the main antagonists as zamasu and goku black and then the merged zamasu battle and then leading up to future universe 7 getting erased, and finally the climatic battle of the tournament of power please.
1/31/2019 c33 Gater-Da-Gunslinger
So I've read up to here and I gotta say... I got mixed feelings about this.

I don't really look for new fanfic here as much as before because honestly, the new one here just don't catch my attention. But at times, I decide to look around and hell, I'm all open for crack pairings. so I found this Erasa/Gohan pairingwas like cool, let me give it a shot.

And to my surprise, I really started to enjoy it, especially the first few chapters. but then the trainingtournament chapters came in, and things took a major change. Coming into this, I realize that Erasa was going to be OOC and I excepted that; Erasa didn't have much screen time, so I guess you can switch it up. That being said, I still had hoped that you'd keep her spunky giggly personality. Unfortunately, no such thing happened. I continued on reading nevertheless because I still felt invested. on I read and Erasa wasn't really there at all, not one bit. She was basically your OC, just had Erasa as a skin. If you replaced Erasa with Videl, then it would have worked a little better, all you would have had to do is take a little of Videl's tough personality and bam, great. But again, your story.

The turn that made me wince is when not only had you made Erasa become this awesome fighter, but you had Erasa say that she wanted to get stronger to protect Videl, like she was a weakling. I LOVE Videl, (at least in Z, cuz that home wife that Super made her in bothered me). idk, it just didn't settle well with me.

I could let slide that Videl isn't with Gohan, cuz duh. but poor Videl, you made her into a hateful person. Videl has a right to be pissed, because Erasa did indeed ditch her to be with Gohan all the time. I read like what, one part maybe, that they hung out. If they did more, I don't recall since it was so minor. I guess they chilled off screen? Then there's Videl and this so called friendship. I can not recall once Videl being friendly or protective of Erasa, other than her pulling Erasa from Gohan when they were kids. To protect her, since he was a stranger.

This chapter pretty much confirmed that Videl was a female version of Vegeta.

Anyways, on to the good.

Pretty much EVERYONE was in character! I obviously love the romantic parts with GohanErasa, especially the Flying Nimbus ones!

Chi-Chi's chilled attitude after her arguement with Gohan was awesome since I don't really like her constant nagging.

While I know that you closely started to follow the Buu Saga, I love reading those type of stories. The twist you threw in were greatTien and... then Launch XD, hope you throw in Good Launch eventually =p) I liked that it wasn't Buu Saga, Erasa Edition lol

I enjoyed that you extented the tournament beyond canon.

While Mr. Satan is annoying, I still like him, because he makes me laugh XD. Krillin getting the win? Pure gold! lol

Vegeta vs Goku twist equal goodness =p

Piccolo vs. Gohan was good, but odd. I can understand what you were aiming for though, and it worked somewhat. (killing him though, uhhhh?)

Now we are moving on to majin buu. I'll be following you.

I feel like this is more harsh than good, but I just had to get it out. I don't even review stories, so that I actually did... man I'm surprised.

Your welcome to PM me. Maybe you can break it down to me since idk, maybe I'm lost here.

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