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3/2 c104 X3runner
I mean technically even though it has gone through a lot of strife earth and the Milky Way should be considered the top “super powers” especially since they have at least one being who seems to be in line for the big cats roll and another that might just step into the supreme kai lot. So bulma is essentially holding most of the cards all she has to do is have a tiny information leak which she can choose to deny accept or ignore and all negotiations would be in her favor long term meaning she could relax a bit more by shifting some of the pressure on maintaining gohans strength and the connection with top cat.
2/21 c103 Mugetsu700
Great chapter, thanks
2/5 c7 Guest
oh gohan chichi might want ya to study she just wants you to be rich like Mr. brief and Mr. Satan

she's just confused that you dont need to be a scholar to be stupid rich

gohan could go to space and sell some space rocks or go to asteroid belts to mine some minerals he could ask bulma if theres a scanner to scan for rare earth minerals

plus gohans got ki he could hunt rare animals and sell some to high end restaurants for fresh food

or be a one man demolition team

if he really wants some money and isnt afraid to be in the spotlight he could be a sponsored superhero like in MHA

people would absolutely pay to have a real life super hero to the he'd be like a basketball star with all the comercials and movies

if he wants some easy money he could be a bounty hunter on the side, he might not even need to kill people since it kinda pays more if you brought him alive

cuz DBZ is a real big place

DBZ kinda dropped the ball on gohan he coulda been super badass

they kinda dropped the ball on every female character...except 18 and bulma those 2 are the oldest character that was still relevant in super

videl and chichi became real boring...i was kinda hopping videl would grow stronger like krilin...chichi too(chichi aint that boring and still fiesty tho) all of the other girls just became spectators
2/5 c103 The Rocha
Wow, Gohan was firing on all cilinders in the Cell fight. Awesome seeing Gohan finally redeem himself for his mistakes in the first Cell fight. You wrote a fantastic fight, I really like how you write Gohan as more than just someone very powerful, but an accomplished martial arts master, this is something I feel canon Gohan needs - to become a master in his own right, not just using other people's abilities but creating his own ones.

And Cell died because unlike Gohan, he did not learn.

Its going to be SO hilarious to see Cell again in the coming Tournament of Power.

Our Renegade Hakaioshin has started to act. A strange first act, to take out Moro. Intriguing.

Oh boy... Goku Black is coming! The Future is Black!
2/3 c29 Josetepoz
what you said in the beginning of the stories you said you only had a plan for Vidal and I knew that you were going to turn her like a margin like Vegeta but I didn't know you were going to do pickle as well but I don't know who is going to be affected but all I know is that probably with Jada and Vidal most likely
2/1 c103 12Hamza9236
Was that some kind of reference to Naruto with Planet Edo's shinobi?
2/1 c103 10Power of Magic
That was quite the chapter, and I look forward to seeing how the next one goes. It'll be interesting how the Mistress of this ninja-woman can use Hakai, along with who they both are and what this Gathering is. Hope that who the Lady was talking about Gohan fighting against, isn't who I think it is (I won't say, incase I'm wrong or I reveal any spoilers)
2/1 c103 grimmangel108
interesting, very interesting chapter thank you very much for uploading it
1/13 c102 777torn777
Ooo foreboding
1/12 c102 3Goku275
No need to apologize! This story is INCREDIBLE as always. PLEASE keep up the GREAT work.
1/11 c102 12Hamza9236
I'm pretty sure Chapter Black is next, right?
1/11 c102 X3runner
I wonder will gohan develop through ultra instinct or hakaishin/ultra ego if he sticks closer to whis the principals of ultra instinct would seem more probable
1/11 c102 Guest
Will Gohan and Erasa have another child a boy maybe?
1/11 c102 10Power of Magic
That was quite a chapter, and I look forward to the next one. Glad that Cell has been defeated at long last, and by the same person using the same technique the last time they fought (HA! Take that, ya useless Bio-Android). It'll be interesting to see if Beerus and Champa will have a tournament or not, and who'll be in the tournament if they do
1/10 c102 Mugetsu700
Great chapter and great ending to the saga.
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