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12/26/2021 c101 MojoBlack
Great way to close off the massive journey until you put out another chapter! The back and forth is really amazing and I look forward to how this match concludes! That being said I hope this story doesn't take too long for you or you might risk being burnt out since you've come so close already.
12/26/2021 c93 MojoBlack
Erasa's fight against clone goku was very well done. You have brought her far from just a simple human who didn't know how to fight that much to now a wife of the strongest saiyan who can at least stand next to him somewhat.
Great job making Gohan and her a constant theme!
12/26/2021 c92 MojoBlack
In the precious chapter it makes sense that Buu loses since he can't stand up Cell s deity enhancements.
Goten and Quirka/Android 21?
I approve.
The rematch between Cell and Gohan has begun. Lets get to it.
12/26/2021 c90 MojoBlack
17 and 18 putting in serious work against Cell but coming up short? Buu coming to Absorb them in order to bolster his chances? What can't you come up with at this point?
12/26/2021 c89 MojoBlack
Cell is menacing! Him going to try to destroy the dragon balls? Shoot I kinda wish he succeeds a bit
12/25/2021 c87 MojoBlack
Cell beginning is reign of terror in style I see! I can picture his theme playing as he s blowing up stuff.
Kudos to Gine for going super saiyan to protect her family in that barrier! I like the addition of her already.
12/25/2021 c86 MojoBlack
Your analyais from Whisbto the fighters was nothing short of Impressive. Your friend deserves huge kudos for coming up with that Analysis. It further enriches the stort in ways that authors could only dream of doing.
12/25/2021 c85 MojoBlack
It's nice to see that you took advantages of the opportunity and gave the Son family another saiyan to add on! It was definitely worth it.
12/25/2021 c84 MojoBlack
So cell is back again and we have some random mysterious alien woman antagonist huh?
I bet those 5 siblings of aliens will serve as strength measuring sticks for all of the Z fighters most likely.
Also if Goku was smart he would put another baby inside Chi chi lol. Take advantage of the opportunity lol.
12/25/2021 c83 MojoBlack
Im glad that you nade Beerus that much stronger.
In Super Goku nor Vegeta should be anywhere near his strength. It should be an incredibly high ceiling that will take a long time for Gohan to climb.
12/25/2021 c79 MojoBlack
Gine being revived? Well isn't that a pleasant suprise. This has GOT TO be overwhelming for her.
12/25/2021 c78 MojoBlack
I like how you made a nod to Vegeta s rage in canon by having Gohan briefly damged Beerus.
Only briefly. And Bulma comes and saves day how about it?
12/25/2021 c77 MojoBlack
Dammit Kisua. You have doomed everyone.
All because you had to be noosy
12/25/2021 c76 MojoBlack
I'm very glad that you had Mifune win! I was fearing that you would have all your OCs look strong just for the purpose of being beaten but throughout the match I was actually cheering for her over Trunks!
Trunks will win another time but man Mifune out of all your OCs I like her the best! Great job keeping things unpredictable and making Saiyans not all powerful like Toriyama did!
12/25/2021 c72 MojoBlack
Ahh yes. It's nice to see Beerus whoop that ass.
Even more so it was great to sew Goku return! That was a treat.
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