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12/24/2021 c71 MojoBlack
Superb fight. Superb. Im really loving these human fights! Videl has my total respect but I'm glad that Erasa pulled out in the end with her cunning.
12/22/2021 c69 MojoBlack
This first half of the fight was a pure work of art! That ki exchange by Erasa was genius! It fits her well.
While Videl was ranting about her "having to develop power on her own" she ought to remember that a magic spell pretty much gave her a conventional powerup, circumstances not included. She is leages better than the average human woman because of it.
She is more alike Erasa in "gifted powerups" than she thinks, nevertheless her hard work in developing that power further is no less impressive.
12/22/2021 c68 MojoBlack
Beautiful chapter. Almost poetry. In fact. The fight really brought out a coming of age moment right there and Gohan carrying his teacher with one arm over his shoulder will probably be the closest they ever come to a hug.
In fact I think that Piccolo s presence allows for Gohan to remain stable mentally despite his Dad being dead.
This chapter was well done and one of my favorites of this story so far.
12/22/2021 c67 MojoBlack
This is a DBZ fan wet dream right here. Gohan and his second father Piccolo fighting all out! With both at their strongest!
Seeing Piccolo have this much attention given to him just makes my fanboy isms uncontrollable.
I look forward to seeing part 2 even though we all know Gohan will win.
12/20/2021 c64 MojoBlack
I don't know what gave birth to this brain child of yours concerning Videl and Trunks but this chapter alone has me more in favor of it.
Just thought you should know.
12/19/2021 c63 MojoBlack
It's great to see everyone mature.
Trunks and Videl being together?! Using the Majin symbol to reduce her aging while Trunks has reduced aging himself? Heheh I see what you did there I like it!
Ya know with the way canon is now you pretty much gave us an AU of how things would be if Goku amd Vegeta were out the picture (Minus Gohan being with Erasa)
It's really baffling to see how much Goku and Vegeta's presence held everyone else back from progressing.
Makes you wonder.
Revival of F wouldn't have meant anything without Goku and seeing as this is Gohan's story It's makes more sense to see you revive Cell more than anything.
12/18/2021 c60 MojoBlack
Trunks owning Capsule Corp, Goten looking like his Dad, Tien and Yamcha respectively owning schools, Gohan being a professor of Ki, man the future is really great for these guys.
It seems you are going full throttle with having Gohan forever be the Hero and also you're making the Humans incredibly useful. I respect that.
12/18/2021 c54 MojoBlack
The fluff was great to see between our two main protags, Goten and Trunks being trained by Piccolo?! Man Earth is in such good hands! He'll definitely beat the softness out of them!
The future generation is moving on forward.
Though I know we ain't even close yet I look forward to when they have kids also.
12/18/2021 c53 MojoBlack
Dammit I wanted Krillin to survive. Sigh. I guess Goku and Krillin will be training just like old times.
Piccolo training Videl? That's interesting...
12/18/2021 c52 MojoBlack
Promises of Marriage, the tragic fallout aftermath, and Gohan having to remain a foghter years to come is actually very refreshing! I hope Gohan and Erasa have at least one kid! They have to give way to the next generation too.
And I kinda want to see Vegeta again. Kinda but we ll see.
Lets see what the future holds!
12/18/2021 c51 MojoBlack
Yea this is definitely an AU.
Goku and Vegeta are out the picture dead. It seems like you want it to stay that way.
I won't lie the canon ending of the way kid buu will always have a special place in my heart but the way you pulled it off is definitely satisfying.
Now on to Gohan getting ready to propose!
I wonder what's going to happen to all the dead people who were killed? You have a knack for suprises so I won't guess.
12/18/2021 c48 MojoBlack
"Fight you? No I'm here to Kill you" Is all I need to hear.
Good job with Erasa but now the real hero is stepping up now.
12/18/2021 c47 MojoBlack
Erasa powerup and transformation is welcome suprise I must say.
12/18/2021 c46 MojoBlack
Gohan coming to save the day? It seems that you chose not to have Gotenks go Super Saiyan 3. Which is fine because it makes room for Gohan to step in
12/18/2021 c45 MojoBlack
Buu doing the Special Beam Canon was sick! Holy Moly! The suprises keep coming!
I respect Videl for coming in to save Piccolo even though she was about to get creamed.
It looks like Gotenks is finally going to make a stand.
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