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11/2/2021 c99 Jack87900216
Just so we're clear if you block me it proves the pint I made to be true
11/2/2021 c100 Jack87900216
I find it hilarious that you kept killing and vegeta dead even tho that's against their characters completely and they would choose to come back you are the worst type of db fan in the fact that you hate happy endings that toriyama came up with which therfore makes you a piece of shit
11/2/2021 c1 Jack87900216
Next time I won't be so nice in my review
11/2/2021 c101 Jack87900216
This story sucks, it's funny too cause with the premise it makes it seem like it will be good but no it full of appropriations and shitty translations, people like the English dub for a reason, because and the fact I have to spell it out for you is hilarious because once I do you're gonna block me like you did to a bunch of people, nobody like super saiyan God super saiyan they like super saiyan blue because it's easier to say just like people like krillin not kurrion or however you say that most of your Japanese words you use don't fit the English language at all they are repetitive and stupid but you being the asshole that you are who can't and won't take criticism is why you are pathetic and the moment people stop reading this garbage the world will be a better place, San or kun belong nowhere in English fanfiction you're just pretending to be Japanese at that point and don't spew that we just respect the Japanese culture which is so far from the truth it's not even funny, point is stop being a bitch about people who leave comments like mine and maybe grow up a little bit and act you're age douche
11/2/2021 c101 silverhawk88
You know I always love media and stories where it shows gohan kicking the ever living tar out of cell! I just hope he can finish the job and not leave cell to come back and regenerate and get stronger. That has always been a pet peeve of mine with Cell. Great chapter!
11/2/2021 c101 Liltye 504
Will Gohan and Erasa have another child a boy maybe?
11/1/2021 c101 thegrimmangel
it was very interesting episode thanks for uploading it
10/17/2021 c60 ImpEmp
The name Pen is really just too fitting lol
10/3/2021 c100 17the1andonlyLucian
It has taken me many months reading this but it was worth it your depiction of Gohan and Erasa is believable and amazing keep up with the good work I love that you made Gohan balance training and studying then balance work and training. Keep up the good work.
8/26/2021 c19 12Gold Testament
Was Chi-Chi not paying attention that Vegeta was threatening to KILL innocent people?
8/25/2021 c10 Gold Testament
Maybe Gohan should tell her about the training Piccolo put him through at the young age of four.
7/24/2021 c17 10Venom Spirit
I feel ashamed it took me reading your version of the spirit gun to figure out this urameshi as rayo. I've been rewatching yuyu Hakusho just recently...
7/23/2021 c100 36Demod20
Awesome chapter. I'm sorry I wasn't able to help proofread this one like the others but I'm glad to see that this story is continuing in such spectacular fashion. PM me if you can and I'll let you know how my life has been going.
7/22/2021 c100 X3runner
I wonder will he go the ultra instinct rout or the blue evolution direction ?
7/21/2021 c28 AnosDT95
Started reading this story yesterday and I really really love it!

And finally a story where Mr. Satan gets beaten and everyone sees it. This might even have serious consequences.
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