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11/30/2014 c25 regbride12
I am back!

What a chp! I was on the edge of my seat for Ron!
Is it Hermione?

I am so eager for more!

I know I don't deserve it since I have been away awhile from this story- incredible story I might add! But hope to see updates soon!
Missed this!
8/31/2014 c24 regbride12
Ohhhhhh welcome back my awesome suspense writer! Missed this story...OMG poor Ron! Was it the "phantom"...the one Jimmy wants for revenge or was it someone else?

So bring on more soon!
8/14/2014 c23 Guest
Why aren't you writing a book? Not HP of course, but you could be writing a spy thriller, suspense book. If you told me you were, I'd be first on the list to purchase it.

Awesome job. Waiting on the edge of my seat for the next chapter.
8/16/2014 c23 regbride12
Uh oh...this is so gooooooooooood...want to know who it was following him...I am unsure- I think I have a clue but not sure!

So can't wait for more!
8/15/2014 c23 whdixon63
Your story continues to grip me. I love seeing Ron work through his demons. Thank you for the update!
8/13/2014 c22 Guest
Very foreboding. I'm anxious to see the next chapter.
8/13/2014 c22 regbride12
I just freakin love this story...I feel like I am reading a book from the library I would pick out as my favorite mystery/suspense...I can't put this "book" down but I have to because I need to wait for the next few pages ;)

I don't think Ron would help kill Fothergill. I can see why Jimmy wants to...but Ron is right- needs to be Azkaban...my question is will Fothergill go after Hermione knowing that Ron is on his trail? I feel as though Ron hasn't seen the last of Fothergill...

Can't wait for the next update! :)
8/8/2014 c21 regbride12
I needed a break I have to say from that discussion in the last chp...listening to Ron think about his father in law and the book and his time at the theater with his Hermione-was sweet :) but we know Ron has a lot to worry about right now...

8/8/2014 c20 regbride12
Speechless...onto the next chp...right now words just fail me...the reveal... OMG...Ron and Jimmy :'(
8/8/2014 c19 regbride12
I am speechless...I always had this notion that all Slytherins were these spineless, only looked out for themselves wizards. Cowards mostly. After listening to Jimmy...changes my view of them.

This was very emotional and so freakin well written...that betrayal of their kid? Must be related to Wormtail...
8/8/2014 c18 regbride12
Uh oh! Ohhhh boy...here it comes...
Btw AWESOME description of Ron here ;)

So glad you are back! :)
8/7/2014 c20 whdixon63
Amazing as always. So many plot points, I love it! Thank you for the update.
7/20/2014 c17 regbride12
I wish this was already written and complete so I can just keep reading...this story is seriously one of the BEST drama/suspense/"Bourne Supremacy" stories... Scandals, misappropriations, just guh so good!

I will be away this week but will soooo be looking forward to catching up with it!
7/20/2014 c16 regbride12
Ohhhhhhhhhh ohhhhh that ending...yeah OUCH...Hermione knew-now Ron knows she knows too. Oh my freakin...Hermione is relentless but will do what with this information once she has it?

Did I say how good this story is?
7/20/2014 c15 regbride12
Ugh sorry been busy...I so have NOT stopped reading this story...

I love this part of Hermione tbh. She has been thru so much in her life. I do believe without hesitation Hermione would do anything to protect her husband and kids and friends and family. Ron definitely would do the same too.

Soooo goooooood...
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