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for Remembering Moyashi

4/4/2015 c15 mossfire946
I love this story! :D
12/29/2014 c15 Guest
Awesome story! Waiting for the sequel! Update
12/26/2014 c15 BlackKiryuu
I love your story!
7/8/2014 c13 1taliatheotaku
D'awww. I like this ending. 3
7/2/2014 c13 Kae.Reads
Great chapter like always! Thank you for writing
7/1/2014 c13 52Firediva0
This was so good! I am so happy they are finally together and I look forward to the epilouge and continuation of this! It truly is amazing!
6/30/2014 c12 Kae.Reads
Amazing! Thank you for writing
6/30/2014 c12 Firediva0
This was so good! Please let their be a sequel!
6/30/2014 c12 OneDayPineapple
Woohoo! Time to beat up Apocryphos, ne? XD
6/29/2014 c11 Firediva0
This is so good! I look forward to the epilouge and hopefully sequel.
6/29/2014 c11 8Akkira Nala
Wow, I love Wisely at this point :3
Hahahahaha what will happen now, with Wisely, Tyki and Kanda working together? :3
Update soon :333
Love the chapter!
6/29/2014 c11 OneDayPineapple
Woop woop! Help is on da way! /)o,o/)
6/29/2014 c10 52Firediva0
This is good! I like it! Though about ending the story I can't imagine it being done so soon. Like what happens after their found? Who winds up getting Allen? Do they go on the run for the rest of their lives?Their never eventually catched by the order or Earl? When will the order find out Allen didn't kill Link? What will the order do one they have Allen?What lengths would the earl go through in order to get Allen? Just what happened to Road?Why didn't the others try to find Allen? What was the purpose of doing something to Road and so are a lot of plot holes that still need to be cleaned up. It's okay if you end it. It's just I wanted to bring this to your attention. Also I feel like things are a tad rushed but other then that its still good.
6/22/2014 c7 1taliatheotaku
I really like it so far! This follows the storyline of the manga really well, and the inner thoughts are really cute *u*) Awww Kanda doesn't know Allen liiiiikes him yet
6/17/2014 c7 Kae.Reads
:) Great!
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