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3/7 c61 Stormwolf12
I love this whole story! I'm on Quotev and I loved it on there, because there aren't that many stories like this. You are a great writer.
9/4/2018 c1 383EI
Veri n1c3WMtst0rimY
4/9/2018 c61 13Morality is a Spook
Overall a great story whose elements blend very well. To be honest I was itching for some Bat/Slade beef as of the current Deathstroke issue, but this is fine and more in tune with the tone. I only disliked the japanese family drama and that there was no follow up on Adeline. I rate this 9/10. Have nice day and keep writing.
9/16/2015 c61 4Inkfyre
I cannot fully express my admiration for your dedication for this fic. This has been one of my favorite stories of all time. Not just fanfiction, but stories. I loved the way you wove Japanese folklore and culture into it to make it unique and it definitely added to the amazing ness of this story. I wish I'd stumbled upon this earlier. Keep writing!
6/10/2015 c61 Brian
So sad its coming to an end!;(
loved this fic.
6/6/2015 c12 Brian
I stumbled across this fic yesterday and have spent every waking moment since reading it. You really nailed the characters,especially Slade. It feels like they're real.
5/31/2015 c61 18McStaken
Awww what a lovely ending Scrib! and certainly a mild twist that David isn't Damian, only a clone. Still, I'm glad to have made the trip with you and congrats on completing it!
5/30/2015 c61 reader
Hope you consider publishing your own original story someday. You write such a rich detail filled story. At times you just gave such a convincing description of Japan.

I was almost surprised it ended so happily.

I almost thought something might happen with Yuki's new snow elemental nature freezing someone to death or being too cold too touch kind of like a parallel to Frieze and Nora, or Talia, would try a worse revenge scheme.

I thought you might hint something happening with Joey, or give it a bittersweet ending.
I almost expected Slade to get a a deadly little Damian and rub it in Bruce's face, but its nice the family actually turned out happy.

Really thought his plan might of been just a trap for Rose, but it is nice she developed so much and was headed to Tokyo U. Didn't quite feel like we got much closure with her or the titans though. I almost wondered if Bruce would intervene or if they would play the debt Ra's owed them. There are so many possibilities this story had, but I am glad you reach the end :).

Still this was an amazing journey. The showdown with the old snow elemental was one of my favorite parts.

I hope you continue writing and good luck with future stories.
5/29/2015 c61 Batmanismyhero
Deathstroke is an amazing father with the right people.
Sneaky yet really smart way to get your story read. Nice.
5/29/2015 c61 1mooncutie11

This is very well written and I love the plot. I really enjoyed reading a story that revolved around Slade though I know in the Titan Fanfic world it wouldn't get that much attention. But this so good!

I hope to read more fics from you because I really enjoyed this. Damian becoming a part of this made me go like ! and the ending: !

Have a nice summer!
5/29/2015 c61 Guest
Well it's been a great ride - I've been following this story for nearly a year and it's crazy to think that it's actually over now. I don't quite know what to do now that I won't be able to check for updates :P

Interesting ending though. I feel bad for Batman having to watch someone he severely dislike raise his son - or one of his son's clones? Interesting point you bring up there that makes me suspect the possibility of a sequel, haha.

Overall, I really did enjoy the story. I'm not entirely sure where it ends with Rose though. I mean things obviously got better for her, she found who she was as a person and was able to become a more welcome member of the team. And it's good to hear that she's graduating college and all that. But I can't help but question why the team continued to trust her and everything after she agreed to train more with her father (who as Damian mentioned in his epilogue, is still keeping busy being Deathstroke). It kind of makes me wonder what road Rose is going to pick for herself later in life, as she seems to be firmly stuck in the morally gray area.

Anyway, great story, had a lot of fun reading it. I'll make sure to check back to see if you post anything else, one-shots or otherwise. Thanks for the story, and it's been a fun ride! :)
5/25/2015 c60 Batmanismyhero
Yay! More chapies.
This story completely changed my perspective of Slade, and now I think he'd be an amazing father.
5/24/2015 c60 18McStaken
Haha! Damian and Harry Potter. Alright, that got a laugh out of me if only because I can see him rooting for He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named.
5/23/2015 c60 Guest
Happy Memorial Day weekend! Glad this isn't the last chapter :)
5/20/2015 c59 McStaken
This chapter is too sad for words. :( Poor Dami. Obviously Ra's made the right call because no normal kid wants to hurt their mother like that.
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