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3/22/2010 c4 1Nightingale Heartz
I know you haven't touched the story in 6 years but if you're still there update! Can't wait!
7/8/2003 c4 Jade
well, i'm interested...It's pretty good

the only thing is the story seems to be lagging...You need to push the story along, get to the plot...

I assume theres gonna be an eventual team up between the two with someone findout the others identity.

Er... do you have an out line set up? Is this a story with a planned out plot, complete with rising action, climax and ending?

Or is it really an openended story on what goes on in Terry's new life?

That's all I really have to say... and I'm interested in whats gonna happen next
12/29/2002 c4 58cobra
i like this fic. update soon
12/13/2002 c4 Shadow
Your so mean! You have got to write more!
12/11/2002 c4 Jem
Please update i really luv it! Im begging ya!
12/6/2002 c4 7Tam Breo
Yes keep going! I thought you'd NEVER update but now you did YOU WILL BE PUNISHED...to write ANOTHER chp. If you dont fufill your punishment in the lenth of 24 hours than Spider-man is coming...and he is not happy. SO PLEASE WRITE MORE!
11/10/2002 c3 Sio-99
I'll keep this simple

11/9/2002 c2 Felice
Hey you're getting a lot better! I like the revisions you made - paragraphing, and adding some little foreshadowing details. To be honest, I wasn't crazy about your original chapters. however, these little additions have hooked me in, and I look forward to reading your next chapters. Keep it up, DOD!
11/8/2002 c3 anon
Why would someone from a NYC know the name of a gang in Gotham? Little things like that, but keep working on it.
11/8/2002 c2 anon
Sorry, but as a biology major, I have to complain about the "advanced biology" course. Too broad a category, it would never exist. There's morphology, physiology, genetics, ecology, cell bio, microbiology, biochemistry, evolution, plant studies, zoology, anatomy ... more, but you get the idea. Pick one. Same applies to "history:" there are countless time periods and regions of the world to choose from.
11/6/2002 c3 R. Tursi
Glad to see another chapter. The paragraph spacing is much better, although quotes should also start new paragraphs. Some other people have also made some great suggestions in their reviews that you should consider. You're improving with each chapter, please keep it up!
11/6/2002 c3 5Dr. Lauryl
again, not bad, but you could expand your chapters if you put more into it. Make the characters explain what's going on, it makes things more interesting.
11/4/2002 c2 Dr. Lauryl
This is cute, and it has gret potential. some suggestions, though. Some transitional phrases would be nice, instead of saying "the next day..." (not to directly quote or anything). and, i know you've probably heard this a million times, but you're stating everything...that's it. It would be wonderful if you could try to weave some description in there. Also, one more thing (i swear!) it's kinda odd how you go from third person limited to first person...just a comment, it struck me as inconsistant. other than that, this story is good!
11/3/2002 c2 Lois Lane
Finally! A Batman Spidey X-over! Great job!
11/3/2002 c2 Alexandria
Eh, not bad. Fiddling around with time a bit, to get Peter there, but that's okay. All that neogenics stuff seems too futuristic to me anyway.

Oh, and the Lizard, aka Dr. Curt (for Curtis) Connors is his name. I don't remember exactly, but he works with neogenics, I think.

The premise is good, and I'd like to see where it goes. Terry will probab;y figure out who Peter really is with observations, and skills learned as Batman.

The formatting needs a lot of work, though. Don't smush all the paragraphs together. It's hard to read like that.
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