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7/3 c15 GF
Um, what ""went to her parents house"? I thought Draco was part of the team that destroyed her home? She never even went to get them yet, did she? There is no house to go find them in, and they aren't there.
Pretty sure I don't have the wrong fic. I am old, though.
7/3 c14 G F
It's not a matter of just a few can do it. EVERY Auror can track apparition. That's why bad guys pop all over, like, six different locations, to throw them off, and or magically exhaust them.
6/27 c7 G F
I have SEVERE problems with DracoMione ships, and poor proofreading, resulting in words that don't belong, misspelled words, wrong forms of words (there, their).
I am just barely hanging on to not quit, here.

So what, right?
6/26 c6 GF
One of my newer pet peeves is- what I assume must be millennials- not using compound words, or, using them when they shouldn't. Earlier, you used 'everyday', as in everyday robes, or everyday shoes, when the sentence needed 'every day's to sound right, in context.
Just now, I read Pansy and Nott worried about some 'fall out' coming their way. 'Fall out' is a verb (action), and a location for that action. Like, fall out of bed. 'Fallout' is what was needed, and is a noun. Some 'thing' that can be headed their way.
My ex was a teacher before retiring. I don't know WHEN they started NOT teaching compounds, but they did actively stop. If it wasn't on the State tests they gave, then they don't teach it. (The teachers were evaluated on the class's test scores, therefore discouraged from teaching anything BUT the test material. It's not the kid's fault. And it's not the teacher's fault. It's the #$&! tests, which, apparently they have stopped giving.
6/26 c6 GF
One DOES NOT turn down Daphne Greengrass to date Susan Bones, instead. That's like saying no to a Victoria's Secret model to date your next door neighbor. Yeah ok, big ones. I get it. Really, really big ones. But those girls usually grow in to their huge chests (ie: FAT), and no one wants to shag Molly Weasley! Not even Arthur, if he was honest.
Susan is, well, kinda-sorta hot in her own way. Daphne is Ghost chile peppers, ain't no glass of milk gonna' help, hot. (My head is sweating, thinking about hot peppers)
6/26 c5 G F
No. Bloody arseholes Slytherin!
6/25 c2 G Fawkes
Arthur Weasley DOES NOT refer to Voldyshorts as The Dark Lord!
Only death Eaters do! That was always a good sign you were talking to 'bad guys', when someone mentioned 'the Dark Lord'.
6/25 c1 G Fawkes
Draco seems to forget HE also was saved by Harry, in the RoR fiendfyre incident. Bye Crabbe. Bye Boyle.
Can you say- 'cancelled out life debts'?
12/10/2020 c18 3newkidintown00
I loved the "going muggle" premise and knew it wasn't going to be a smooth exit for the characters due to responsibilities/demands from the wizarding world. They are all known people or high profile personages in the wizarding world and they all still have to deal with the fall out from the end of the war. Your decisions to pull them back in make sense. However, I'm dismayed with how this story was resolved and ended. The last few chapters felt rushed after setting up a good plot and building up the post-war world for the characters.

By the end of the story, the characters didn't just "go muggle" as much as they opted out of both worlds. They are secluded on an island in the Caribbean and then drop in places of interest. Admittedly, Harry said he doesn't know how long the permanent vacation will last, so that is either left to the imagination or part of an epilogue.

The whole situation with Daphne at the end was unsatisfying and left a somewhat bitter taste in my mouth. It might be what bothers me the most in the story. She was being set up as Wife A with Susan as Wife B, but that was due to her being Lady Black in Grimmauld Place and Astoria getting kidnapped. It seemed like the conflict was resolved when Susan was made aware of the extenuating circumstances. Susan would presumably be able to spread her wings at the new Potter Manor. "Killing off" Daphne (with the subsequent justification of staying dead) seems cheap and I don't think that whole situation is anywhere close to being resolved with how it turned out. Daphne's suggestion of seeing each other once a year is awful.

What is the resolution for students at Hogwarts that bought into the Shadow Lord? My assumption is that the DMLE inquiry of Draco was a result of questioning Pansy and Theo, but what of the other students in multiple houses that became aligned?

Lastly, there were some inconsistencies with established facts, such as Draco having the dark mark removed, Astoria being in Ravenclaw, and Neville agreeing to be Harry's proxy.
6/10/2020 c18 Anon
Very uneven story. Started out with an interesting premise then fell back on too many cliches and odd plot choices.

Not sure changing things due to reader feedback really makes the plot better. Definitely leads to a lot of inconsistencies.
4/11/2020 c18 AncientOak
It’s a good story but ends quite abruptly. Have you ever considered coming back and wrapping it up?
5/18/2019 c3 10Nanchih
Fun so far! Nice to see Harry and everyone else relaxing! Why doesn't Harry take Draco with him to some of these places? I could guess that Draco doesn't want anyone to see him, such as Susan, but that flew out the window when Daphne turned up. It would make more sense for him to dye his hair, because anyone could walk into a bar, even DE.

Second thought - the Grangers. Since their house was destroyed, where are they living? A flat while things are re-built? A new house, nearer Oxford?

Third: Harry went to a lot of trouble to hide his apartment. Why is he being so free with the address?
12/20/2018 c18 Padhi
What kind of stupid ending is this ! What about black and green grass hair I can't imagine someone who loves other behaving like this why can't harry come back to Britain if daphne can't leave or convince her seriously it shows harry doesn't love daphne neither does daphne loves harry ,their feelings definitely has not come out well in this fiction very disappointed
5/6/2018 c18 Guest
Ive enjoyed most of your stories, which is why I'm so disappointed in this one. What you did with Daphne was one of the stupidest things I have ever read.
5/5/2018 c4 3Gotta Love a Story
Just so you know, in the last chapter, I don't think the following sentence makes sense:
'Draco was surprised that he could actually enjoy himself at all while living among muggles was almost disconcerting in and of itself.' You need to get rid of while and a conjunction like because or put a full stop. While implies that something is coming after it as it means despite. No hated intended. I was just letting you know. I have a fanfiction and I like being told when there is a SPaG or cultural mistake so I can fix it. If it's not like that for you, sorry. BTW sorry it's not in the same chapter but it doesn't let me post more then one comment on a chapter for some reason.
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