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for A Reaper's Soul

8/17/2014 c11 55FaustusianSutcliff
This was a really good story
6/17/2014 c11 morticiacat
Not quite sure how to review this one. Ronald seems so out of character, and Grell fragile in a way that doesn't fit, to me. But I really like a lot of the ideas here, especially the reaper scythe tests. And I like the way you ended it with a sweet, tender relationship building between Grell and William rather than the usual extreme, head over heels in lust sort of thing. Looking forward to reading more of your work despite having a horrible nightmare about Grell being murdered after falling asleep about halfway through. And lol I fell asleep from exhaustion and illness, not because of the story!
6/5/2014 c7 MissWingedLioness
Hi there! :D I like your fic very much and I'm looking forward to read next chapters for I am a very curious person and I want to see how the story goes! There are only a few spelling mistakes, like "Allan" instead of "Alan" in chapter 5 (if you meant Alan Humphries). However, good work :D



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