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for by the fire

6/18/2014 c1 VG
This really seems like the first chapter of a longer fic - are you suuuure it's complete? ;) Love how Bash cheers her up and makes her smile, even though she "quickly frowned" and tries to keep Francis on her mind. Don't fight it, Mary! Beeee with Baaaash! He's definitely better company. Hey, how about an alternate "turn around" scene where they aren't interrupted by guards, and Mary sneaks a peek at Bash undressing? ;) His first shirtless scene shouldn't have been while she was breaking his heart eh?
6/5/2014 c1 8chrisrose
I like the changes you've made to canon, again! Mary's smart to avoid inns, and Mash don't get captured...yay! They still warm themselves by a fire (yay for fire/light symbolism which I *thought* was so meaningful for Mash. Sigh.) ...but Mary's modesty in front of Bash and staying-true-to-Francis (ugh) doesn't outweigh her sensible acceptance of the need to get warm & dry their clothes. As cute as the "turn around" scene was on the show, I think I prefer her attitude in this fic. :) Love Bash's "I'm not sure anyone could ever hate you" and believing the best of his brother (Ha!) understanding why Mary had to leave. Poor sweet deluded Bash. :P Also love his "I would never" (leave Mary), and the fact that she thanks him and is already comparing Bash/the ability to be herself with him to the forced marriage with Francis. If only the show had let Mary be so smart! ;)

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