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6/18/2014 c1 VG
Again I must beg you for a sequel. ;) I need happy Mash consummatin' to help me forget ep 13 - still traumatized by that! Love Mary tracing M and S across Bash's palm - reminds me of the palm-cutting and blood sacrifice over Isobel's grave. :) Cutting, blood loss, and graves are, like, so romantic! ;) WELL THEY ARE WHEN IT'S MASH!
6/5/2014 c1 8chrisrose
Aah, I do love their soft, tender kisses, no matter what stupid interviews would have us believe about Mash lacking "passion" and always having Francis on their minds (ugh.) Their kisses were so much more romantic than Frary's. So, great little fic, except you accidentally labelled this as "complete"...there must be more, right? ;) Love Mary's acknowledgment that she kissed Bash first and it meant something. Yeah! Tracing their initials into his palm...so sweet, and fitting for a couple who always touched eachother's faces, etc, so lovingly. I'll never get over that publicity still from 1x11, of his hands on her hands on his heart. Siiiigh. I think that photo took me over the edge into hyper-shipperdom, before the ep even aired (which sadly wasn't even framed/filmed to show their hands during that moment!) But anyway, the point is...hands! Significant for Mash. :) Glad you included palm-touching and finger-interlacing. ;) Also glad you gave Mash privacy during their consummation, as I'm pretty sure I read that royal couples had more privacy in real-life, with people waiting outside their door, as you wrote here, instead of actually in the room with them (eww.) I'm shocked - shocked! - that Reign wasn't historically accurate about this. :P Just so they could "titillate" viewers with a public-sex-spectacle... and torture Bash. :/ Meh. I prefer your version of events, obviously!

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