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for Herc's Holiday

6/21/2014 c5 knightphoenix2

SOMEBODY told off the UN!

And, they got off fairly lightly, at that.

I find it rather hilarious that *now* they're worrying about a return engagement, and I'd love to find out what their source of info is ...

As for the first part, great story! We see the conversation from "Forged in Fire", Chapter 25 from the other side, and we see Herc helping his newly-adopted daughter-in-law pack up and move to a new life. Hopefully, Miranda and Jazmine will help the remaining members of the PPDC/PPI connect better to the outside world, and vice versa!
6/15/2014 c4 knightphoenix2
Great story!

Hope amongst tragedy, and second chances all around!

Good on Herc taking in Miranda, and standing up to help with his future grandchild!
6/9/2014 c2 knightphoenix2
This story did what I'd previously thought was impossible.

It made me feel *sorry* for Chuck Hansen.

But, even moreso for Miranda Schaffer.

And, I suspect that, once the truth came out, both Herc and Mako were/will be kicking themselves. And Raleigh will be even more guilt stricken than he is already ...

Excellent work, keep it up!
6/5/2014 c1 knightphoenix2
Nice story!

I LOVE Miranda already! And, Jake is 2500 tons of awesome!

More, please!

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