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for this feels like falling in love

6/18/2014 c1 VG
Yeah keep him away from Kenna. Ha! Love how Mary says she's gonna take her future in her own hands...while she can't keep her hands off Bash. ;) He's her future! :) Love their steamy makeout. Love Bash seeing her fire and "how everyone around her tried to extinguish it." Love Mary NOT holding onto childish dreams of Francis and grabbing hold of Bash instead. ;) LOVE THIS FIC SO MUCH! Moremoremoremoremoremore (am I annoying you yet?) moremoremoremoreMORE!
6/9/2014 c1 6kqshipalot
Loved this!
6/5/2014 c1 8chrisrose
Well this is awesome. If only Mary wised up and gave up on Francis like this! I'd much rather she change the line of succession because she preferred Bash and recognized he was The Perfect Choice to fulfill her dream of love. (Btw, nice touch, having her stop Bash from going down the hall that would lead to Kenna! Hehe.) So, howzabout you write an alternate season 1 for us? ;) I definitely agree that Bash looked at Mary as a woman in that dance scene... seemed to me their gaze was all about thrilling mystery and Mary's future/mature love... while the Frary feather thing was all about being distracted by childhood nostalgia/her past. Too bad the showrunner doesn't see it that way. Grrr. So, I like the way you think...keep writing!

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