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8/25/2014 c9 6GreyGregory14
Poor Murdock! He wants to believe the best about people, and he would be the most hurt by Katrina's betrayal. Wondering what the confrontation with Keith will be like. Will Katrina take his side or the A-Team's? Calling Katrina "the live bait in this little fishing trip of his" is classic Hannibal. Nice!
7/18/2014 c8 24MissEclipse
Nice twist! I wonder who the snitch is? So sweet that Face was worried about not doing his job - so like him. Enjoying all the humerous interaction between the team - just like in the TV series. :)
7/12/2014 c7 20Facelove
I really like your story.
Face injured, his old devils of his childhood and the fact that it hides other injuries it's so him.
All characters remain faithful to the series and I love the brother relationship of Murdock and Face and the relation father/son between Face and Hannibal.
Good job.
I eagerly await the next chapter.
And sorry for my english, Im a french ;-)
7/6/2014 c7 Guest
i like your story
7/6/2014 c7 24MissEclipse
I like the way Face, BA Murdock always act like naughty little children! Hannibal must feel like he's in charge of bunch of kindergarten children! Wonder what Murdock was up to. Very mysterious!
6/27/2014 c6 MissEclipse
Oh, it's getting exciting! Poor Face - even in the TV episodes he always seemed to come off worse than the others! Can't wait to see how Hannibal deals with the slimy slugs!
6/16/2014 c4 MissEclipse
Nice link in with Crazy Tommy T! Looking forward finding out where this is all going. :)
6/14/2014 c4 pinar-x
Great chapter :)
6/10/2014 c2 CrazyFM
Maybe not the most spectacular chapter I ever read, but it doesnt have to be, like you said it introduces the real story and it did that quite good, I'm already looking forward to your next update :-)
6/12/2014 c3 MissEclipse
Ha, ha, that was an original way to get Murdock out of the VA! The plot is moving along nicely. Good job so far.
6/10/2014 c2 MissEclipse
I like the way you have got a few one-liners in from the original TV show. Really enjoying the humour in your writing. Looks like someone is on to the A-Team via Katrina - very mysterious!

PS: You should consider doing a MASH/A-Team cross-over story. I think it would work really well. Hawkeye Pierce is my second favourite TV character after Murdock.
6/5/2014 c1 CrazyFM
Good story so far, I am getting quite curious how it will go on. PLEASE keep updating :-)
6/5/2014 c1 MissEclipse
Sounds like you've got off to a good start, muchacho! All the characters are bouncing nicely off each other with a good sense of humour mixed in. I don't know why, but I feel slightly suspicious of Katrina. Is there going to be some kind of twist with her? I'm looking forward to finding out.

PS: I recognised the name Hoolihan straightaway. Loved MASH with a passion and especially thought Loretta Swit was brilliant as "Hotlips Hoolihan!"
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