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7/3/2017 c1 Guest
Dave reminds me of my person on WWE 2k15
3/15/2017 c14 random
what did he do
8/25/2016 c32 UnderRated415gm
This was just fantastic wwe really needs to hire you and kingofanarchy I can't wait for your sequel but my I request that David red has a new look like new face paint or a new finisher I don't know your the writer but again awesome work from your #1 fan Noah.
8/4/2016 c32 RedKiva
Loved this story since the very being it was great and I can't wait to see what happens next you are very talented and I have a suggestion maybe David can start keeping score of how many people he's beat like with tally marks as face paint or have a list of names crossed out. Again great work see ya from a inspired friend.
8/3/2016 c32 1Friend of Frozen
This blew my expectations. A fantastic triple threat that was even better than the Rumble event, David's win surprised me that it happened... THEN ROLLINS COMES IN (saw it coming though), BUT DAVID KEEPS KICKING OUT! Everyone is there, and despite it all- DAVID STILL WALKS OUT WWE CHAMPION! JESUS!
You delivered a hero's ending that WWE could never top, and it actually works here. Now I'm interested to see a sequel with David as Champion now.
And yay, Paige and Redd. A good combo. Cue in the Deadpool Music. Lol.
This is my honest thought of Dragon's Rage:
Plot: Excellent
Characters: great development
Twists: Amazing
Action: a little short but amazing performances
Overall: Perfect 10/10. One of the best wrestling fanfic's period.
7/29/2016 c32 Bajor10
Great story hope u make another one but balor shouldn't wn at summerslam it will be a huge mistake having balor just make his main roster debut then within a month win the worl title huge miss ke Rollins has worked so hard coming back being great carrying the shield triple threat build Rollins deserves to win at summerslam and ahold win
7/29/2016 c32 Saintsrow10
Love this story so much hope u make another wrestling story like this one or continue your Xander cage story love that too
7/29/2016 c32 darck ben
great chapter good ending
7/28/2016 c32 70AVP5
Good work dude on the story, but sucks you still had Sting lose like that.
6/25/2016 c31 Saintsrow10
Awesome chapter can't wait to see if Rollins cashes in hopefully David cash win the title
6/25/2016 c31 darck ben
great chapter
6/24/2016 c31 AVP5
Nicely done dude and glad how things went, especially seeing the rage be unleashed here.
6/24/2016 c31 4Drake O'Wryan Blackheart
Holy Hell great new chapter and thank you for it been waiting for a new one of this story of yours. Again thank you for your time and effort.
5/21/2016 c30 30Linkonpark100
I hope that he actually wins this.
4/6/2016 c30 1Friend of Frozen
The buildup is so good but I'm nervous. I know this is fan fiction but there is still Seth Rollins and MITB. and we all know what happened... what will happen though?
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