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for Dragon's Rage

9/19/2015 c24 Bajor10
I loved it hope paige finds david and I hope they get together love the story wonder who attacked david
9/19/2015 c24 Guest
Loved it wonder who attacked david
9/19/2015 c24 Danny R
I like it.
9/17/2015 c23 Dragon Blue 10
Please have David win the title please.
8/27/2015 c23 darck ben
great chapter
8/26/2015 c23 Bajor10
Noooo why can't he be with paige please have ho with paige please I begging u
8/26/2015 c23 17The Reaper13
I hate how they ended the world title, fuck Jon Stewart! Great chapter though, especially seeing this Hayami chick appear and how David won. Update soon!
8/26/2015 c23 70AVP5
Nice work and glad to see who made her debut. Good work and update when you got the time please.
8/8/2015 c22 pyrojack25
Rest in peace, Piper. Might as well say this: It's time to chew bubblegum and kick ass and we're all out of bubblegum.
8/8/2015 c22 Dragon Blue 10
Please have David win the tables match and Paige win the divas title and revel the mystery person who is helping Paige also R.I.P. Piper .
8/8/2015 c22 darck ben
great chapter
8/7/2015 c22 Bajor10
Can't wait for the table match
8/7/2015 c22 AVP5
Well, things are getting good, but not for David huh? Update when you have the time and glad you dedicated this to the Hot Rod himself, we miss you Piper and RIP.
8/7/2015 c22 17The Reaper13
Looking forward to TLC and I miss Piper, thanks for making this. Update soon!
7/11/2015 c21 Bajor10
Update soon and really hope david and Paige get together real soon
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