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for Another girl from a different time

8/25/2020 c1 queenbrowniecook
please update
11/17/2016 c1 Nora9662
Please update! This is a very good fanfic :)
7/24/2015 c1 crazyqueen20
please update this wonderfully amazing book
11/20/2014 c1 Guest
Please update. I love sesshomaru so this story automatically falls into a favorite for me but its definitely in one of the top spots. So please update. Will be waiting.
6/24/2014 c1 5SilverNeira
Okay, I like the content and can't wait to read more, BUT the MAJOR turn off was the grammars along with wrong words.

It was such a turn off I was tempted to not read, but the content was interesting enough to keep reading. So PLEASE fix your grammars and read it over.
6/20/2014 c1 Guest
I love 5sos! And 'She looks so perfect' and 'Good girls are bad girls' are two of my favorite songs by them! I LOVE your story too!
6/18/2014 c1 13Insanity runs through my vains
I really like this, update as soon as you can please.
6/6/2014 c1 34BloodPokemon101
Great introduction! Just one thing though... Is this post-series...because if not, then Kagome is fifteen, not eighteen. Update!

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