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9h c54 1OcciNNiccO
A little suggestion don’t know if you thought this yet but you should make Artemis subconsciously Emily
10h c54 OcciNNiccO
Bravery, kindness ,loyalty and probably protection these are only things I can think of and probably intelligence maybe
1/21 c54 haidar
1/20 c54 Bababooey
Ight bet I chose emptiness and balance
1/22 c54 krzys2000
I would say Hope because Percy gave hope to many campers people even gods and in canon he guarded hope(or Rather ELPIS the spirit of hope) in Pandora's pitos before gave it to Hestia. And to best of my knowledge there is no god of hope.
1/21 c27 OcciNNiccO
I like the original Scene from the book with Annabeth and family
1/11 c47 Ladis11
"Thank the maker none of the calamity based domains like Storms or Earthquakes are on the table or this world could be coming to an end."

Calamity based domain? Damn, the more I re read and the more ideas I find (truly sorry if I'm no help)
1/11 c44 Ladis11
I left a review a few days ago, in which I explained my thought process as to what Percy's domains could be. And after re re (x a lot) reading the story, I wonder if the visions Percy has of the Past when he sleeps (forgot the name) couldn't be related to a domain akin to something like Knowledge or Truth, or even maybe Far Sight (there's a Titan of farsight right?).
Also, the explosion of the volcano... Food for thought eh
1/8 c54 Victoria Schult
This was my first time reading this fiction, it has a great story! There are a few spelling errors but that can be fixed easily if you have someone edit your work. Other than that minor detail, this story is one of the better stories in this fandom. I am normally a Percabeth fan but since you made them siblings, I can let that go. I look forward to reading more great chapters. Keep up the good work!
1/6 c54 Titanoboa
Maybe for physical domain you can make it tides and for ethereal domain maybe loyalty
1/1 c54 Shahel
please update
1/1 c1 Goddess Of Eclipses
Update soon pleaseeeeee
12/31/2020 c54 Ajohn555
I must admit that this is one of my favorite fan fictions and hope that you update it soon. I admit that I have a theory of Emily and Artemis being the same person since hearing Emily say that her brother gave her the inspiration to commit to Percy. Amera calling Artemis ‘Emily’ was the clincher for confirming it. As for an Ethereal domain suggestion, I do have a few suggestions. My first one being Loyalty. I know it’s been done a lot in this fanfiction community, but I think that there are a few ways that it can be explored in different ways. For example, it could allow Artemis to come clean about her double life as Emily and know for sure that he would be loyal to her. It could also be used in a way that would allow them to come closer as a couple. For example, if as the god of Loyalty Percy could feel the emotional and psychological impact of every personal betrayal be it from mortal or demigod, then you could have Percy rely on Artemis to help him get through the tougher impact of these betrayals. I’m sure that as goddess of the hunt Artemis has taken in hunters that have been betrayed by cheating boyfriends and has the experience to comfort Percy like she probably has comforted her hunters. This domain could also be used to gain the trust of the hunt once they find out about Percy and Artemis. Another suggestion could be philosophy. Not one that I’d particularly favor, but it would work if you wished to work from the son of Athena standpoint. Perhaps if you wished to somehow integrate Percy into The Heroes of Olympus plot line, then you could give him the domain of god of quests. As a god carrying that domain you could justify him violating the ancient laws of interfering in demigod quests since it’s a part of his domain. Or, as god of quests, you could insert him into quests as more of a spiritual guide instead of physical interference.
12/29/2020 c54 SATO
12/30/2020 c54 2lostxinxthexdarkness
Excellent fic so far, I've thoroughly enjoyed reading it!

As far as Domains go, have you considered 'Courage' and 'Protection'? Both are characteristics that this version of Percy has demonstrated multiple times throughout this fic, from his willingness to potentially sacrifice himself in order to protect the others in the volcano, to his continued aid to Jason when he calls upon him in his prayers. I suppose that 'Sustenance' could also be a consideration as a plausible Domain, since he was able to provide Jason with the fresh water.

Keep up the great work!
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