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5/30/2016 c2 6aewea
have U done! I'm still laughing
10/4/2014 c5 6whenithitsthefan
"His eyes twinkled..." Nice characterization of Dumbledore there :) Also, question (that you may or may not have answered already): does Dumbledore actually KNOW that he's king? Or is he just wandering around the castle wonderong why he's wearing a crown and why people are being so respectful of him? Cause if Uther thought that Gwen was queen, and he knew he was king...
And yay, Merlin's connecting more with the HP verse! I wonder if Harry and Merlin are going to switch places eventually too for whatever reason. And then Arthur and Ron, and Gwen and Hermione...or something. Looking forward to seeing where this is going!
10/4/2014 c5 32Moon Fox
Oh this was an interesting twist!
10/4/2014 c4 Moon Fox
Oh dear! Wonder exactly what Uther is up to?
10/4/2014 c3 Moon Fox
hahah poor oblivious Arthur!
10/4/2014 c2 Moon Fox
*snickers* Oh poor Merlin!

Also, I can just see Minerva questioning the man who she thinks is Dumbledor!
10/4/2014 c1 Moon Fox
Oh dear LOL total magical mishap!
9/12/2014 c4 1Coolestbee
uther is freaking mad
9/9/2014 c4 11Aerist
This is so amusing can't wait for 'Uther' (Dumbledore) and Merlin's conversation and what's grouchy old 'dumbledore' (uther ) up to- Wow I don't even know how to refer to them lol
9/9/2014 c4 Fandomhope
Plz update
9/9/2014 c4 6whenithitsthefan
Ooh, yay, this is Marauder-era! Nice bit of irony you had with Dumbledore/Uther thinking he's met Merlin. And poison...that's ominous :O I have a feeling he's going to fail, though...hah. Looking forward to your next update!
9/9/2014 c2 whenithitsthefan
HAHHA Uther and Dumbledore's MINDS were switched! I didn't think of that, but it's genius! I can't decide which POV I like more, both of their internal dialects are HILARIOUS!
I love crackfics...
9/9/2014 c1 whenithitsthefan
Hah, this first chapter alone had a ton of clever/humorous lines and I like it a lot so far! This is such an interesting idea, I've never seen it done before with a Uther/Dumbledore switch (that IS what happened, right? I guess I'll find out next chapter!) You're a great writer, nice cliffhanger.
8/12/2014 c3 1Coolestbee
U av seriously got 2 update soon. Am enjoyin dis chapter
8/5/2014 c3 Fandomhope
Plz update
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