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for The Other Malfoy

10/10/2014 c13 Haspu Bujog
very good.
8/20/2014 c12 2Imperial Briton
an excellent story - by god I hope you haven't stopped.

I like how you've made everything fit from the slytherin perspective; and my only hope now is that your portrayal of Voldemort [Tom Riddle] isn't the psychotic. insane paranoid snake head that we see in book 4 onwards. I for one, based on your earlier presence of Tom in the story, hope that he is controlling, but wise, not exactly insance, but at the very least Pureblood eccentric [he's british its a necessity]; and actually wants to make the Wizarding world a better place [albeit for Purebloods] and doesn't crucio somebody because he is bored [and actually tortures muggles that abuse pureblood squibs, or descendents of Squibs (Those individuals are considered Pureblood, regardless of whether the other parent is muggle or not) or run orphanages like the one he went to]

I will enjoy reading further chapters of this Fic

8/12/2014 c12 jgood27
Love this story and can't wait to read more
8/10/2014 c12 ReginaSlytherin
Right. Id try my hand at constructive criticism... if there was something to criticize, that is. Cant really say theres something I dislike, youre really smooth with this whole thing. Lets see about the exceptionally amazing parts, though. The way you stick mostly to canon, but twist some of the events around, for one. Especially because it makes perfect sense. Like Potter with the firework, for example. It was pretty unlikely for nobody to notice that, anyway. Absolutely love the way you write about Bella, too. You basically keep her character because Im sure the enemies would still think shes insane... even though shes allowed to be saner because of no Azkaban. And of course, I like the fact that Lily is still alive. Even if only because it gives me hope as far as Severus and his loyalties go. So, definitely highest marks for you. ;)
8/5/2014 c12 3wolfelja1999
I'm lovin the story so far it just needs another update
7/22/2014 c12 1she-who-waits-in-darkness
I really like this story and hopefully you will finish it and leave the us wondering how the end has come.
7/17/2014 c12 Mep101
Love it! Plz continue!
7/11/2014 c12 Omega the end
Yes! I loved the entire chapter devoted to Harry and Daphne, I hope to see some more of that . keep up the epic work! And don't forget to post next chapter :P
7/11/2014 c7 Omega the end
I was SLIGHTLY disappointed with all the lack of daphne, I mean, it was mentioned in what, two chapters ago? I love it except for that, but please pick up on the little romance,
6/26/2014 c12 amata0221
Love the story
6/23/2014 c12 shao4361
I just LOVE this story! I don't know what else to say and there's not much else to say but...
6/23/2014 c12 Altariel24
I love this angle on the HP story! The characterisation is amazing and I cannot wait until each new chapter comes out so I can see how the story develops. Keep it up!
6/22/2014 c12 Guest101
Nice 2 Chaps. and thanks for answering my request/question regarding the second
animagus form, but,*sigh* I really hoped you would do it... oh well. You also confused Harry with Jamie again
suggestion - before you post a ch. double check their interactions for accidental name switching

On another note, I'm kind of worried that you plan to ( in the future ) reveal the Truth about Harrison originally being
born as a mudblood Potter, and Jamies birth twin before the blood adoption ritual,
as it would kind of mess up the whole point of Harry being a Malfoy and by extention a Black.
Plus it would shatter Harry's world period.
It would drive a permanint ridge between Harry, Draco, their family like Bellatrix, their friends and more importantly Daphne.
The more I think about it the more the revealation doesn't fit in.

So Can you please not reveal it? because really only Lucius, Narcissa, and Lord Voldemort know.
Meaning nobody can find out unless they are told by one of those three people

P.S. Thanks for reading my long as hell review and I apologies for not having an account but I'm currently doing this on a
PS Vita, and my computer is broken... I don't think its getting fixed anytime soon,
so I hope you can see my problem with getting an account.
To atleast try and help you with that problem I will be identifing myself as Guest101
6/21/2014 c12 TetrisLame
You want flames? Here, take some flames of youth! Btw, there is again a switch-up with Potter instead of Malfoy. Hopefully you'll find a beta soon. I'd offer myself, but I'm terrible with punctuation.

6/21/2014 c11 Anna
I don't understand one thing. At the beginning Voldemort was talking about staging his defeat at Potters' and taking some time to lay low and study Dark Arts. Now you're saying that he is only a shadow possessing different people. What's going on?
Now that I think about it... Is Potter a parselmouth because Voldemort gave him this gift as part of this sheme or something else happend and now he's like half Boy Who Lived? Or something? Because of two versions about Voldemort I don't know what to think. Like, is it some kind of your mistake because you forgot what was there at the beginning or is it planned?
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