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10/23 c87 Re Lovely Lover
So she went from interested in Trunks to then more so Gohan. Now suddenly theres a weird ass interest in Vegeta that makes no sense but I'm guessing is being done in comparing her to Bulma.

I'd put money on them being pushed together which I just cant see happening normally.
10/23 c85 Re Lovely Lover
I think I'm fine skipping any and all relationship and intimate discussion or action portions of this story if its like this.
10/23 c84 Re Lovely Lover
Hate all the nipple play. Shut down on males and strange as hell none of it was done on the girls except Frost teasing once that I recall.

Playing with his ass too and outright screwing. Just had me go from skimming to skipping the damn chapter.

Very unpleasant.
10/23 c83 Re Lovely Lover
The bit with Terra is a major throw off. I sont understand why it's being done.

Hes made her much stronger than she was and power wise shes aware of his bs Avatar powers which should mean he can further help her with her natural power.

Yet she trusts freaking Darkseid with making her more powerful or those she cares for safety under his rule? Shes not braindamaged, brainwashed, or indoctrinated by his cronies. So unless she suddenly became very retarded it makes no damn sense. Especially with her already being helped and again him being able to help her in every way.
10/23 c82 Re Lovely Lover
Great chapter bit I'm lost on him talking about selling capsule corp to those 2.
10/23 c76 Re Lovely Lover
Wasnt Diana in this story made out to be in her 20's? Also having a certain image towards men and trustworthiness?

Why the heck does she already have at least 7 exes showing up already with her character?

Maybe if this was a version where shes been around a long time like dating Steve back during the world war and her obviously being around for a long time. That's not the case in this story though.
10/21 c55 Re Lovely Lover
Why in the world would they needlessly bring him there? She knew he would snatch plenty of dangerous knowledge from his head yet pointlessly brought him there just because?
10/20 c29 Re Lovely Lover
Wasn't he just running low on energy?
10/20 c21 Re Lovely Lover
Damned dangerous to sell. Thieves snatching items with a push of a button and hiding stacks of gold bars under their pillows if they want.

The scouters? Again, a criminals wer dream and all easy to obtain for them once sold and noticed.
7/23 c3 Guest
Really? This is... haaaa, dropped
5/30 c29 fanfictionboy1998
5/30 c27 fanfictionboy1998
5/30 c26 fanfictionboy1998
5/30 c24 fanfictionboy1998
Very good
5/30 c23 fanfictionboy1998
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