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3/18/2018 c103 4Gamelover41592
100-103: epic work on these chapters
3/18/2018 c103 blake015
3/18/2018 c103 twisterblake2015
3/18/2018 c103 wweTheBeast2015
3/18/2018 c103 Blake2020
3/14/2018 c99 Love u Tonny
add omae wa mou shindeiru before nani
3/13/2018 c99 Blake2020
Good chapter and until the next chapter
3/13/2018 c1 SXIXX
You could see it coming considering this fanfic turned to shit many chapters ago. So it makes sense you'd figure out a way to outdo the dumb shit you've put in here with more dumb shit
3/13/2018 c99 Guest
please just make a godo story and none of that useless smut.
3/13/2018 c99 Gamelover41592
epic work on this chapter and I loved Buu going shazam
3/13/2018 c99 8kingeddie16ne
How far are you going to go with the Super Saiyan transformations? (SSJ Red and Blue included).
3/13/2018 c99 1The Zebra Hybrid
I really wanted Trunks and Karen to get together. But great chapter!
3/13/2018 c3 Guest
Why is Trunks playing second fiddle to everyone of the justice league? Plus he wanted to work alone, then basically got kidnapped and told that he didn't have any choice but to join them, and he just cops out saying okay. He showing a very submissive attitude, you wouldn't believe he was Vegeta's son.
3/11/2018 c98 wweTheBeast2015
3/11/2018 c98 Blake2020
Awesome and updated soon
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