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2/26/2018 c95 6ArianniOokami
2/26/2018 c95 8CRUDEN
Well since pg is out of the pairing and seeing trunks and power girls talk last chapter I think that could be a bitter sweet good bye
I don't understand why you took her out of the pairing its not like Diana would've mind she's a bisexual character and probably would've put down some rules and make sure pg that she was top bitch
2/23/2018 c15 1YeTianshi
You know, I just realised how ridiculous this icebreaker challenge is. I mean, if you never get enough time to relax and recuperate, sleep, eat and what not, eventually wouldn't the person run the risk of death when their exhaustion catches up with them at the wrong time? Trunks will most likely be fine, what with being a Saiyan and all, but the challenge itself is pretty risky.

Also, are power level numbers randomly assigned? Because as far as I remember a super saiyan is at a power level of 150 million. While it's true that Freeza in a relaxed state is also at 3 million, unlike DBZ characters Cheetah can't jump power levels like they can with Ki power-ups.
Not trying to be a pain or anything, I'm just genuinely curious.
2/21/2018 c93 2Markisaway
Fucking Christ it’s broly. Also ssj4 Trunks or Gohan to finish this fic would be cool
2/20/2018 c93 Guest
fuck this asshole once again using broly
2/19/2018 c93 blake015
Hey Glad your back and fun chapter as well and keep it up and until then as well.
2/19/2018 c93 twisterblake2015
Awesome updated
2/19/2018 c93 Guest
I'm sorry but putting Captain Marvel in C is just plain wrong unless it's different in this fix. It's been shown in the comics that he's as powerful as Superman
2/19/2018 c93 wweTheBeast2015
Enjoy it
2/19/2018 c93 Blake2020
Cool chapter
2/19/2018 c93 4Gamelover41592
excellent work on this chapter hope their plan works
2/4/2018 c16 Magnanimous Architect
It has started to get more and more obvious as the story progressed that your power scaling is way off. At 500,000 Frieza's base form is strong enough to destroy planets effortlessly. Goku's base form was 3,000,000 when he fought frieza in his true form at 1%. Super saiyan gives a power multiplication of 50 times. Even if his base power is just around 3,000,000 as of now (unlikely considering training for cell games) the first super saiyan transformation should put him an order of magnitude beyond anyone other than superman and other bs powers. And that is with your weirdly generous power levels for people. Wonder woman and cheetah definitely are not strong enough to effortlessly destroy a planet. I don't care what DC universe this is supposed to be.
Other than the annoying tidbit of your power levels being off even while maintaining that trunks is OP, this is pretty well done. Good writing overall, I'm just too much of a nerd to get over the power level thing. Maybe if you had a plot relevant way to explain it away, but you don't.
Oh well. Better people than me will get to enjoy it. I hope you keep writing regardless!
12/28/2017 c92 Awesomenessgurl
I had to stop mid chapter and reciew to tell you how much I love you making Guru superkami guru from TFS! Love the chapter youre awesome
12/28/2017 c92 4Leafeon12
Loved this chapter! XD Can't wait to see the next chapter! :D
12/28/2017 c92 4Gamelover41592
great job on this chapter but...CURSE YOU CLIFFHANGER!
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