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7/21/2017 c67 wweTheBeast2015
Psych Trunks talking to former Lady Villains and maybe he could change them from their evil ways eventually?
7/21/2017 c66 wweTheBeast2015
Poor Trunks this should be interesting on what he has to do next as well
7/21/2017 c65 wweTheBeast2015
Insanity indeed all those Villains Batman beat up living there as the crazy house but love the chapter as well.
7/21/2017 c64 wweTheBeast2015
Things are really heating up for Trunks and what he have to face next at this Arkham Asylum and probably lot of batman foes in there as well.
7/21/2017 c63 wweTheBeast2015
Oh another old enemy from DB that's cool as well
7/21/2017 c62 wweTheBeast2015
Exciting very much
7/21/2017 c61 wweTheBeast2015
Welcome to the family indeed for Trunks and piccolo as well
7/21/2017 c60 wweTheBeast2015
Surprising chapter but love it
7/21/2017 c59 wweTheBeast2015
I take Piccolo a while to get used to all these changes as well with the justice league
7/21/2017 c58 wweTheBeast2015
Well good to see piccolo in this universe as well with Trunks
7/21/2017 c57 wweTheBeast2015
Very interesting
7/21/2017 c56 wweTheBeast2015
Neat chapter my friend
7/21/2017 c55 wweTheBeast2015
Thrilling of chapter my friend
7/21/2017 c54 wweTheBeast2015
Very interesting counter for Trunks meeting this women as well
7/21/2017 c53 wweTheBeast2015
Funny but love the chapter
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