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7/21/2017 c22 wweTheBeast2015
Splendid chapter
7/21/2017 c21 wweTheBeast2015
OH Well Trunks and meeting Lex Luther that cunning Villain he is as well my friend.
7/21/2017 c20 wweTheBeast2015
Wow what a test for Trunks my friend and Trunks barely beat Black Adam and very important to continue his training like his dad would do to reach a higher level of power here?
7/21/2017 c19 wweTheBeast2015
Intense battle between adam and Trunks as well my friend
7/21/2017 c18 wweTheBeast2015
Well this should be good Black Adam and this be a Test for Trunks as well test his SS powers out against him.
7/21/2017 c17 wweTheBeast2015
Very Thrilling indeed my friend
7/21/2017 c16 wweTheBeast2015
7/21/2017 c15 wweTheBeast2015
7/21/2017 c14 wweTheBeast2015
Well I think Trunks and Wonder Woman sounds good as well
7/21/2017 c13 wweTheBeast2015
Thrilling chapter
7/21/2017 c12 wweTheBeast2015
Very interesting my friend as well for this chapter
7/21/2017 c11 wweTheBeast2015
7/21/2017 c10 wweTheBeast2015
7/21/2017 c9 wweTheBeast2015
Best chapter
7/21/2017 c8 wweTheBeast2015
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