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3/24/2020 c12 Erebus Umbra
I enjoy the story alot but the power scaling is off since a normal human has an average power level of 5 and it has been stated that it only takes a power level of 280 to blow up the earth
3/19/2020 c126 YellowFuckthe name is taken
I vote both
1/29/2020 c3 Guest
After rereading this story, I realize it’s massive cringe. Does the author have a femdom fetish? Trunks(author OC) might as well get kicked in the balls every chapter.
1/11/2020 c9 Guest
This icebreaker punishment just made me drop this novel :/ trunks is just being weak and it’s kinda pathetic lol he is being every members bitch so it’s not enjoyable
1/11/2020 c3 Guest
Well that was kinda pathetic for him saying he only does things solo and immediately breaking to be one of the league members lol makes no sense but okay
11/13/2019 c4 3Time Emperor
First off: Trunks was 23 when he killed the androids. So if you're saying that five years passed then her be 28. definitely not early twenties. Second: it's ki, not chi. Third, you're getting Batman's character all wrong. Sure he's strict but he wouldn't force someone goes join the League, even with a threat like Buu. And fourth: Trunks is good stubborn to accept. He may have grown up with his mother, but even Gohan was reluctant to take him as his student. Trunks has too much of this father in him to break that easily.
11/7/2019 c1 Justdontaskb
Ima say it. This is one of the best fics out there. A ridiculously good balance of action, comedy, suspense and references. I’ve read this story probably 7 (going on 8 currently) times and it’s just amazing. You sir are stupendously talented. And When you come back from your break, ToP or crisis on infinite earths would be amazing or a ToP leading into crisis
11/6/2019 c1 Quantum qwazi
This is poorly written ppl don’t react like ppl but but robots going the set motions the author puts forth Batman trusted some one which alone tells how little effort the author but at least at the start it may not stay this but idc start just skips any sort of conflict within the other then power girl everyone is ok with some rando walking around the watchtower that makes zero sense I hope the rest of the story has some thought and effort put in case the first several do not
9/2/2019 c3 Thanos69
Really! You didn't even allowxhim to fight back -_-.
9/2/2019 c1 Thanos69
You know he can just beat Batman directly with one punch.
9/1/2019 c1 10efhb1994
bc3. b.
8/15/2019 c1 Quantum qwazi
Just awful
8/14/2019 c8 StraxyX
Bruh. If they suspected the waitress they should have taken her in for questioning. Just wipe her mind afterwards so she doesn't remember any of it.
7/10/2019 c16 kirosyamcha
dont know how cheeta could challenge gohan o.o even in his base form he should decimate her but i guess you have to increase villian power or nerf gohans so ah well
5/2/2019 c8 Gible
Damn Powergirl is a real asshole. She just had to disrespect his parents.
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