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6/28/2015 c24 wolf fang X1
Nice update loved the new chapters. Trunks meeting with the rest of the Teen Titans was great. Robin needs to take a chill pill. The Titans learned a very valuable lesson from Trunks in this chapter DODGE! Also like how Starfire, Raven, and Terra have taken a love intrest to Trunks, Starfire clearly being the more open one. So far Powergirl, Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Starfire, Terra, and Raven have their eyes on him Trunks you lucky Saiyan. Keep up the good work.
6/24/2015 c16 5Man of Wrath
uhhhh, ok. I don't know how I feel about Naruto attacks in this story. I hope this doesn't become a regular thing
6/24/2015 c14 Man of Wrath
First of all, I want to say AMAZING STORY! I think I have yet to find a DBZxJL fix like this in any way. Trunks being my favorite DBZ character is a huge bonus and I love the character interaction. If I had to choose ONE pairing, it would have to be TrunksxPowergirl. I really enjoy their interaction and I sense a lot of sexual tension between the two of them. Not to mention their little rivalry can be pretty humorous to read at times. Maybe by now you already have a pairing picked out but so far that's what I'm hoping for.
6/24/2015 c24 Guest
Try to avoid making this a typical Naruto story
6/24/2015 c24 Guest
Mdhunter here. Hurray! Some more chapters are posted! Thank you, for all the time and effort you put into these chapters and story! Please continue, and soon! Really looking forward to the next chapter! Thanks again, and have a wonderful summer!
6/23/2015 c24 Danish78
Wow! Another 3 chapter update! Awesome!

So Trunks and Karen finally resolved their differences huh? Still found it strange for Trunks to lose in grappling, would have thought it would have been a complete shutout.

Whoa! Didn't expect the Teen Titans girls to be so forward! Incoming lemon soon? I wonder who's going to sneak into Trunk's room?

Great work! Thanks again!
6/23/2015 c24 5Dr4g0nb411z
Seduction is still the key ;P
6/23/2015 c24 Titans go
Trunks and power girl sex scene please
6/23/2015 c24 1YoruIc
Someone's definitely gonna join him in the night or wake him up horribly and I'm so excited for more! XP
6/23/2015 c23 5Dr4g0nb411z
Seduction is the key young starfire ;)
6/23/2015 c23 1YoruIc
I like Starfire! Should definitely be with Trunks. Been a long time since I've read from you and the two chapters were nice c:
6/23/2015 c23 4Gamelover41592
And Trunks is going to dinner
6/16/2015 c21 Trickbaby69
hey trunks can sense ki sohe he should be able to tell wayne is batman and in chapter 15 batman sneaked up on trunks ...
6/14/2015 c21 11Astroman1000
My oh my your killing me bro
The story and writing and plot are just great
Your portrayal of the characters has been phenomenal
But your killing me with Trunks strength thought I can appreciate him being at a moderate level so that he has Ron to grow and the fights aren't just him flicking people to death it is extremely frustrating for him to not be given credit and be beaten badly and the such
But you so you cuz so far it's been great aight?
I can't wait for the next update
Thx ;)
5/31/2015 c21 T.M
I like it can u make another chapter woth a lemon.
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