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5/26/2015 c21 19JAGA03
I just read the entire thing and man you have done a good job with trunks, but personally I think he would be stronger than Wonder woman in base form. I got to say I like it

Question will you have him as a Super Sayain God in the future?
5/25/2015 c21 Guest
Mdhunter here! Hurray! Hurray! Finally, you've decided to post some new chapters! Awesome job with them! Thanks a lot! Please continue, and soon! Real soon! Looking forward to the next one! Thanks again!
5/25/2015 c21 1YoruIc
Nice stuff, liked the three chapter update xD
5/25/2015 c21 chief
good chapter, can you please do a sex scene between trunks and powergirl
5/25/2015 c21 Danish78
Nice to have three new chapters to read. Thanks very much for this. The Black Adam fight was entertaining though I'm not sure what to make of Trunks and his bending. Nice that he met a few of the Teen Titans, hopefully he can have more meaningful character interactions in the future because so far everything's been "wham, bam, thank you ma'am!". You might want to slow down your pacing a little. Everything seems so rushed. Take time so Trunks can rest up and settle down a little, you can make down time interesting as well without them getting into a fight for their lives every second.

Anyway, thanks again for this. It's a very good read.
5/25/2015 c21 7Jebest4781
the meeting will get interesting very soon enough
5/25/2015 c20 Jebest4781
well this was fun on the fight
5/25/2015 c19 Jebest4781
well this was fun and wonder what else will come up
5/24/2015 c21 5Dr4g0nb411z
These last three chapters I thought were really funny and interesting keep it up! :)
5/24/2015 c19 4Gamelover41592
awesome Super Sayian I love Super Sayian :D
4/18/2015 c8 Trickbaby69
how can cheetah be so powerful fo harm trunks ...be realistic trunks even in his base state can destroy earth hundred times...
3/31/2015 c18 7Reichenfaust
Oh hot damn, this is gonna get good! Time for an earth shakin' duel with the thunder!

I think that this will truly convince the other Leaguers of Trunks abilities. Black Adam is a threat on a ridiculous level.
3/31/2015 c16 Reichenfaust
My freakin jaw dropped when you said he was taught medical Ninjutsu, and that he was called an Avatar...

From what you have been saying and showing, he was just regular time-traveling trunks... And was experimenting with elemental magic/chi, and healing spells...

You then seemed to retcon it and have him say that he actually had been to those dimensions, and was taught there.

Not that I really mind, because it is cool, I even recognized some Bleach spells in there, but at least have some memories, flashbacks, or something in the summary to let us know that this isn't regular trunks.

Because as far as we know, it's just further down the History of Trunks...

Not Dimension Traveler of Space and Time Trunks...

It's a really cool idea to bind those ideas together though. Ki and Reiryoku put together make Chakra, as far as I'm concerned, so you could have him learn all three things that way. And Avatars techniques are just extremely high proficiency and focus in each element, so it can easily be included as well...

Just don't give him something crazy like the Rinnegan Ahahahahahaha... I don't think you would do that...
3/31/2015 c15 Reichenfaust
I was going to say, how the fuck is Cheetah that powerful, but I explored more of her backstory and found out why. She's God-empowered, and was almost as fast as Prof Zoom at one point... And considering she could turn superman into a Cheetah with her claws apparently...

That's fucking scary.

I always remembered the version of Cheetah from the Justice League tv show, that wasn't all that powerful, just an enhanced hybrid human. This animal is on a whole other scale.
3/24/2015 c18 Danish78
What a cliffhanger! Just when we finally see someone capable of making Trunks go all-out?! Nice little skirmishes here and there. Kinda short. Thanks for the new chapter! Excited for the next one! )
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