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for Sickness

12/14/2016 c1 6otaku4laifu
this was cute and short
3/27/2015 c1 EvanStorm
Good story. Thanks for writing :-)
3/12/2015 c1 Quinntana2
:)(: Regina taking care of Emma is the sweetest thing ever. I think you did a great job on describing Emma's sickness and her pain. I don't know why I choose to point this out but I just noticed that it's true and decided you should know. I love the last little part with Snow knowing and David being clueless. Excellent, cute story.
9/26/2014 c1 7FaBbEr0oZ
Regina taking care of Emma is so sweet
6/7/2014 c1 Guest
Regina caring for Emma is sweet, will you write about how their relationship develops please? : )
Loved your story.
6/9/2014 c1 50TML9115
This is very sweet I like Regina taking care of a sick Emma. David being clueless is funny as hell
6/8/2014 c1 1bomrin
Ahhh! I finally had time to read this and it didn't disappoint. It was all so very cute, ESPECIALLY THE ENDING ASDFGHJLK. And welcome back! Hope to see you writing again, I love your stories! :)
6/6/2014 c1 AlexandriaVE
I liked reading this, because it was a neat transition from their awkward little flirts to dating. I like that you allude to what comes next, and I also like that you put in that Emma would like to do the same for Regina.
6/6/2014 c1 3butterflykisses0
That was great! Thank you!

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