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8/13/2022 c1 Allolame
Actual fps like cd/fnf/sk never gives a damn about cultist feelings. The biches that complains are probably duumb fanboys who’s cockblocked fell off.
6/22/2014 c2 3JacksonMW
Awesome job man. Good luck!
6/22/2014 c2 12experimentalDeity
6/12/2014 c1 8Rapidfyrez
Ran out of PM's, I am not mad. Don't freak.
6/12/2014 c1 13The Incredible Muffin
Oh, this is interesting. Can't wait to see how your character does! Good luck, and I hope you do well!
6/11/2014 c1 19BIBOTOT
9 out of 10.
Not really a big fan of Watching Dogs, but this story is pretty well-written, You deal with many different perspective quite well and they all sound natural. The only problem I see is some mixed-ups between past and present tenses and some parts where alternative words might have been better. Anyway, good start. I hope you will succeed in the tournament with this Hal fellow.

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