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5/18/2020 c1 nhrc
Very intense. Would you consider to write them a happy ending? Please
1/20/2017 c1 Tez
The title song popped into my head earlier today and this story immediately came into mind. I just reread it. I'm glad I did. Perfect melancholy. And I hope whatever you are up to you are rocking it :)
3/13/2015 c1 8Firebird Scratches
Oof. Man, I feel bad for April but I feel even WORSE for Raph. I'm almost mad at her. She has to realize that his heart is going to break, he's not the kind of guy that can shield it. It's all or nothing with Raph. She thinks it's just comfort, but nothing is ever "just" with Raph. Ugh. Maybe she'll wise up before it's too late. At the very least, I hope his brothers start treating him better. Judging him is the last thing any of them needs...Donnie would be angry at them. He'd want them to band together, support one another. Anyway, another beautifully written piece :)
10/13/2014 c1 6Poetique823
Okay, now that I've found the words to describe this I must say this was brilliant!...actually brilliant doesn't seem to do it justice either, lol.

I don't generally read a whole lot of erotic fiction, but since you wrote it I had to check it out! I usually scroll through the more nitty gritty details of these types of fiction, but your take on it was tastefully done, so I have to give major props to you for that.

But the ending was the real mouth-dropper!...I won't say anymore in case someone is reading the review before they actually read the story. But geez, you totally made me reread the story thinking I'd missed some major detail, but then I was "Oh, you clever, clever guy, you!" *grins knowingly* lol! Great twist ending. Love it!
9/11/2014 c1 60Enula
Okay, so a long time ago, you reviewed one of my stories. And even recently you reviewed another. And I knew of you before that of course (who in the TMNT fandom doesn't know you?!) and I read through some of your stories, and I promised that I would write reviews because reviews are awesome and, being a writer myself, gives me more motivation to keep writing.

So first, I'd like to apologize for taking so long. Really no excuse except for the fact that I was having a hard time describing how good your stories are. I felt almost small and insignificant when it came to the review part. How could I possibly give such wonderful stories a review that even comes close to giving them the praise they deserve? It's kind of like when you listen to your favorite song that has meaning so much deeper than what other people hear. Not sure if that's a good analogy, but like I said, finding good words to give you is rough...not sure they exist in the English language.

But I will try! I chose this story to review first as a random. Plus it was the latest one you wrote so...anyway, this one-shot is so full of heartache in every corner that it's hard not to feel utterly heartbroken for these two characters. I sensed the love April has for Donnie through Raph. Even during my first read through, I sensed that it wasn't who I hoped it was going to be. It was all too ominous from the get go to end so happily. I also noticed a back and forth in Raph. He loves her, but he feels guilty. Not only for possibly being responsible for his brother's death (honestly, I do have to read the prequel to this, so I don't know the whole story yet) but for thinking he's taking advantage of her. It's almost like he's putting himself in the place of Donnie though; he knows she's thinking of him and doesn't even get upset when she calls his name instead. It's not like just any human could take the place of Donnie and make April believe, even just for a few minutes, that it was all just a bad dream, so Raph feels an obligation to be that stand-in.

Of course, this is all just my interpretation of it, but when I read a story, I like it when I can get a deeper sense between the lines and behind the words. And you painted a perfect picture of melancholy and madness and it was just...flawless.

As I said at the beginning, it's hard to give reviews to your stories because everything I just said doesn't give it justice. You are one of the most talented authors I've ever come across and I'm SO glad you write for TMNT, because it has recently become my biggest obsession in quite a long time. You give so much more depth to the show and to the characters, so when I watch it, I subconsciously see everything taking place behind the scenes. So to sum this all up...beautiful job!

8/25/2014 c1 LooksOnTempests
This was sublimely sexy and sweet and sad and desperate all at the same time. Having read Winter's Eve, I suspected that this may not be Donnie. The little clues like how she doesn't want him to speak or how he notices she keeps her eyes closed while they're intimate, as if in doing so she can imagine he's the love she lost. I can completely imagine her doing this. (As an aside, I actually know a woman who after losing her husband to cancer met his brother for the first time at the funeral and married him not long after. The marriage was short-lived as she realized she couldn't replace what she had lost with a similar-looking substitute. So this does sometimes happen IRL.) Anyway, when she calls out Donnie's name...poor Raph...he must know that he's just a substitute for the the real thing to her, but to have it thrown in his face like that! What makes it so sad is you feel his feelings for her, it is not just physical, yet she will never be able to return those feelings as long as she is in love with his late brother. The part when she says to him that "it's not okay." She knows that she is using him, that this is not fair to him, and that continuing this only plays with his emotions, but she can't stop herself. She'll be back again because he's the nearest thing to what she lost. And he won't refuse her, even if he knows that all she can give is her body and not her heart. Incomplete for both of them, really.
7/9/2014 c1 26SewerSurfin
That was powerful sad beautiful and hot all rolled into an amazing package. I really feelfor Raph here.
6/12/2014 c1 2ChatterNoMatter
I really did not think it was going to end like that. The way he talked about her and the way she 'called' out Donnie's name I could swear it was him. An amazing job :)
6/9/2014 c1 13Adoradork
Ouch, harsh! I feel for Raph, poor lad. That was excellently written, well done!
6/9/2014 c1 82SleepingSeeker
This was fantastic! Oh my so so SO hot! *fanning self then dissolves into mad giggles* the gibberish part! The gibberish part! Love love love! XD Okay, time for some coherency, dammit! COHERENCY!


I thought the descriptions were not only vivid and clear, but exactly what they needed to be for each individual act. The sensations that he was experiences, while all sensual, were unique (as they should be) and you just did an amazing job taking the reader through his physical responses as well as his emotional and mental reactions. Just as he was truly losing himself to her, immersed in the splendor of the moment, BAM! She goes and RUINS IT! But who can blame her? She is positively aching for her lost love and Raph - god, his body, his scent, his hands - I mean EVERYTHING would be right. All she'd have to do is close her eyes and imagine it's him. The one she is haunted by.

But poor Raph - he just continues to suffer in so many ways and though he's trying to help her - he is hurting himself every single time he surrenders to this passion. He is cornered and helpless against her. You've made that plain. When she comes there again, and you know she will, he'll let her in - open himself again - give himself with all he has to come as close to what she needs as possible - KNOWING all along, forever and ever that he will NEVER even measure up. The saddest part of this to me, is getting the clear impression that over time, Raphael has developed a true and real attachment to her - but nothing can ever come of it. A beautiful tragedy. One that will repeat itself again and again.

This is going into my favs! So I can reread and reread - in fact, I'm gonna reread it right now!
6/8/2014 c1 4Jay Jones
The prose in this story is poetry to me. I love the first-person perspective and insight, the depth of character and background on motivation. It raises the erotica to an entirely higher level. It's not difficult at all to get caught up in what the characters are feeling - on various levels (ha!). The imagery is sublime ("liquid velvet" - just those two words together are so much fun!). And the intimacy is ideally paced - a slow boil at first; then ebbs, flows - until it boils over deliciously. The twist at the end is, of course, heartrending, a gut-punch. Poor sweet Raph: the guy seems to take one for the team almost as much as Donnie. Maybe because of Raph's tough exterior, when he deals with emotional pain it's the most compelling, touching. Anyway, this is a beautifully penned work and you should very proud indeed!
6/8/2014 c1 21The Nerdfighter
Oh, you sneaky, sneaky son of a gun. I will admit, the ending really threw me off and kind of confused me a bit, but when I looked through the reviews, that's when it all clicked. The fact that April kept shushing him, the way he talked - you really had me thinking it was Donnie she was getting with, not Raph! The moment she said his name, here I sat, dumbfounded, thinking that April was delusional and that Casey was the one who died or something. But nope, it was all one big mindf***. lol

Knowing that this was written in the male's perspective, I still thought you executed the 'female orgasm' quite well. When April slowly started closing her legs while she's being orally pleasured, I couldn't help but nod my head and be all, "Yep, a very believable reaction". lol It was nicely written and had a very steady pace through and through. For me, I'm very particular with reading erotic fan fiction. I want to get straight to the exciting parts, so it if the beginning drags on, I'll just skip all of that and read the sexy scenes. This kept my attention from start to finish and I applaud you for that. :)

All in all, it was a great erotic fic, Novus; one that sure deserves its own slot in the NSF over at Stealthy Stories. Nicely done! :D Maybe now you'll get inspired to write a steamy Apriltello fic? Maybe? Just a suggestion...*clears throat and smiles innocently*

Glad to read another one of your fics and keep up the amazing work! Stay awesome. ;D

- The Nerdfighter
6/8/2014 c1 11Terraform
Wow - Just gorgeous! I've been excited to read this ever since you mentioned it all those months ago, and it came out beautifully...sensual, and ultimately devastating. You've taken our powder-puff hearts and CRUSHED them. Again!

The flow in this is wonderful, and taken from first perspective - what can be a tricky way to write more intimate acts in my opinion - just incredible. Atop the powerful story, there are many killer bittersweet lines that I must mention: "She comes around when she's feeling lonely; when staying away hurts more than giving in.", and of course that last line...that is just perfection in its punch. In fact there are many moments I felt punched, I'm bruised all over! I don't want to give away too much in the review, but yeah, when she calls out his name...yeouch.

As for the erotica itself, I think you have handled this wonderfully - there is a sense of urgency and desire and...love?, and from outset it is laced with sadness, like a way, as you say, to forget the troubles of the present. But still incredibly is so much I love about this - so many layers, so much hotness, so much sadness. A very befitting follow-on for FOAWE. I have reread it multiple time already and am still impressed at its craftsmanship! Well done! Bravo! & thanks as ever for the cool shout-out :)
6/8/2014 c1 203BubblyShell22
Wow. What a story. Yeah, I remember that story and what happened to Donnie, though the way you built this up was awesome. I never thought she'd go to Raph to seek solace, and it's amazing how you threw us for a loop making us believe it was Donnie and then revealing that it was Raph. Nicely done on this. I'll be looking forward to more of your stories.

The Bubbly One,
6/7/2014 c1 19Lexifer666
Ohhhhh this is an awesome follow-up to Forever on a Winter's Eve, my mind went immediately to that story once I realized what was going on. Then I re-read it to get the full appreciation of the situation. I really could see them feeling guilty for what happened and trying to find misplaced comfort in each other.
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