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for Daughter of Iron Man

5/6/2020 c1 16avatargrl11
OMG, that was SO AWESOME! Now you have me hooked on the idea of Tony being somehow related to Darcy (maybe not father-daughter, more like cousins, because they appear really close as to their ages, but I'm not sure), and they act a lot alike, what with their sense of humor and witty remarks on occasion. I wonder if Darcy would turn out to be just as intelligent as Tony, and could help him out with some of his inventions. Please write a sequel! It would be so cool to see how Darcy might adjust to life as Tony's daughter, and once the world finds out she's his daughter, she could (obviously) get into danger constantly (not that she didn't whenever Thor and Loki were around) simply because of her relation to Tony. I would love it if Pepper became friends with Darcy. Please respond!
12/17/2018 c1 Lollypops101
so cute!
5/18/2018 c1 22agentpiperh
S.H.I.E.L.D. , not S.H.E.I.L.D.
9/5/2016 c1 Lw117149
Nice very nice.
1/16/2015 c1 4SilverDragon13
1/4/2015 c1 together25x3
Loved it! I adore Tony/Darcy father/daughter stories!
11/17/2014 c1 6AppealingToHeaven
This story was awesome! Great job. I had never really considered a father/daughter relationship between Tony and Darcy - but it makes sense! I can totally see it. Please get writing on the longer version. I'm dying to read more :D
6/26/2014 c1 tselea
Wonderful story. :)
6/20/2014 c1 20thepkrmgc
6/17/2014 c1 4Vaughn Tyler
6/8/2014 c1 17takuya
aww that was kind of cute
6/8/2014 c1 Lost Soulmates
sweet ...
6/8/2014 c1 55iamgoku
a very lovely one shot, I love darcy Lewis and the whole tony/darcy father daughter genre, it just feels right.
Plus who knows, it could be canon given Tony's former ...less than admirable past.
I really liked this story, especially her thoughts on tony, even though she didn't know he was her father.
lots of cool moments and good dialogue.

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