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8/25/2020 c8 Drakena
Loved this Story
7/14/2020 c7 19Crystal-Wolf-Guardain-967
loved it! awesome story!
10/21/2018 c8 TheCheshireCat01
This story was so cute; I loved it so much :)
9/7/2018 c1 Myst 81
more please
1/27/2016 c6 Crystal-Wolf-Guardain-967
loved it
8/3/2015 c6 1forever100
This is so cute! Thank you for writing this.
5/9/2015 c6 9mindtheteeth
It was a nice, short read with a cute story!
4/19/2015 c6 4camilaflordeloto
OMG! I loved it! ;;-;; too many feels! thank you for this fic. Take care and see you!
11/14/2014 c6 Guest
that's so cute!
11/7/2014 c6 AvidReaderCoffeeDrinker
Thanks for the story! I like the ending- nice and sweet :) I applaud you for finishing (yay!). I'll check out your other works if you post any, so I encourage you to keep writing! It is evident through the chapters how much you have improved.
11/7/2014 c6 2pricklingsensation
That was such a nice ending, I'm so happy for said pinklette and ame, thanks for not giving up on this story, hope to see another one some time
10/15/2014 c5 AvidReaderCoffeeDrinker
Oh? This is not a turn I expected that's for sure. But I like it, and am looking forward to more! Keep up the good work :)
10/3/2014 c4 NinjaMelissa
Oh no! What happens next?! Keep going!
9/14/2014 c4 123
Wow! This story is great so far! Please update soon!
9/14/2014 c4 AvidReaderCoffeeDrinker
Ah! What's going to happen?! Is he going to have to rescue her? Will we finally find out more of her past? Will she get taken away? Will she run away again? So many QUESTIONS! :P
Thanks for the update! A pleasure as always 3 Looking forward to the next instalment!
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