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12/14/2018 c16 TroubledFangirl
ufffff i luv raven and kid flash together (especially when its full of confusion and lust but eventually love heheh)
great story btw!
6/28/2018 c16 Guest
Why does this keep happening to me when I am really into a story and they leave me dangling from a cliffe they always put an authors note! Ugh! But I love this story
12/19/2017 c16 1WFTFA
Can't wait
4/22/2017 c1 WFTFA
And order is restored! Thank you! Loved the chapter <3
2/19/2017 c15 Cathy
Plz plz plz plz update update l! I'm dieing to find out what happens next!
2/19/2017 c6 Cathy
She has to get together with wally plz just a suggestion your a. Amazing writer keep up the good work this story is the best
1/1/2017 c15 4lovingazerath
LOL! I have always loved your story! I noticed some of the mistakes but, I thought nothing of it because if you have ever read my first one I made too many to count! I thought it was great regardless but yes please update soon lol
12/1/2016 c15 1WFTFA
I was so excited when I got the email that you updated, the tension is killing me :<
9/29/2015 c8 Guest
Wait where did she get so much money again?
8/22/2015 c14 3PurpleRaven3
This fanfic is really awesome. Keep on going, because you are doing a wonderful job.
7/26/2015 c14 1RavenSerendipity
Jealous Gar :D
When is Gar gonna realize Rae is Rachel.
7/23/2015 c14 15blackflowers636
It's so good, I didn't even know what to say. I can't wait for more!
7/13/2015 c13 SarcasticGirl
7/7/2015 c13 3What a Pretty Little Nightmare
Wow... This is probably my favorite story I've ever read on fanfiction... WOW. I love how he story was put together so they all eventually ended up in this academy together. The whole time I'm like BEASY BOY ITS RAVEN! JESUS CHRIST HES FAMILIAR BECAUSE YOUR RAVEN! Lol, I just quick read all the chapters and I really hope you update more than just once a month. :( And if you do at least have like really long chapters. Anyways, UPDATE PLEASE IM DYING HERE! ...WAPLN
7/4/2015 c13 1RavenSerendipity
What's up with Rachel?! Dang it, now I can't wait for the next update. And me being the impatient type. Eh, it's worth it. :)
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