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10/1/2014 c61 Borntocontest
she knows all about him and Izzy? she is close to Izzy? seriously? then what the hell is SHE doing?

And yes, i guess Izzy would be upset, though this is nothing to compare to her sleeping with Edward's brother...
10/1/2014 c60 Borntocontest
they don't have history but they don't have future as well. I hope Edward won't do something stupid... :(
10/1/2014 c59 Borntocontest
wake up Edward. she is not Izzy, she is not the girl you are in love with, it's just a mirage
10/1/2014 c58 Borntocontest
umm... looks like Marie is the prettier version of Izzy and without the hurting past :( I really hope Edward won't give up on Iz :(
10/1/2014 c57 Borntocontest
nothing's not an option, that's for sure :)
10/1/2014 c56 Borntocontest
he wanted her to be honest and she was honest. so maybe she really has changed :) I hope so...
9/26/2014 c78 Guest
I enjoyed this story a lot. It was more angsty than I thought it was going to be, but I'm a little bit of an angst wimp so...anyhow, it was a nice story and I love HEA, so thank you :)
9/21/2014 c78 RubyDee
I am a little late in catching up but I sure thank you for sharing She with us. The story goes to show we just don't know what happens behind closed doors to make people do the things they do. Ah, but all is well that ends well and the hea was there waiting to be found. :)
9/17/2014 c78 user2307061
You took many risks with this story and to me, that was refreshing. Thank you xx
9/5/2014 c78 withloveviv
Definelty something different and worth reading
9/4/2014 c78 alli62
What a wonderful story! I am glad they made it back to each other.
9/2/2014 c78 Lulabell75
I loved this, so much! Thanks for sharing it with us.

9/2/2014 c78 Jaygm
Fantastic story! I read through it quickly and loved it all. Hated to see it end. . . Thanks for this.
9/1/2014 c33 Guest
Oh god life is complicated
8/31/2014 c78 crazy1962
Wonderful story I really enjoyed it...thank you for sharing!
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