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8/20/2014 c73 1KingIchi
HE NEEDS TO PROVE HIMSELF? Bye fantastic read up until this point... just fuck it...
8/20/2014 c72 KingIchi
OMFG... really? Then if she loved and did all that shit... how can anyone fucking believe her? get fucking real with that BS. She fucks her every other dude except edward cause she loved him? Fucked his brother cuase loved, left him cause she loved him? Hurt him cause she loved him? Fucking right... suurrreee.. I swear next chapter breaks me on seeing the finish of the story...
8/20/2014 c70 KingIchi
...Well i say one has a kid and one is taking care of kid and the one who wqas taking care of a kid was a complete nasty bitch in her past.

A bit late to act twenty two. And really. Bella has never had any real revalation just to how badly she affected me, sure she feels sorry and has changed for the better, but she should at least know the real extent and not this edward pussy footing around and saying i'm 'sorry' as soon as she looks like she's about to cry.
8/20/2014 c69 KingIchi
Is she really? I'd give kate that mantle as she put up with him at his worst points. But alas.. beyond reason as he said.
8/20/2014 c63 KingIchi
He;s a douche? Really? For what? Looking at another girl when bella has indefinitely put him in the friend zone. fuck i'm starting to get annoyed..
8/20/2014 c62 KingIchi
...sigh. Now she's jealous?
8/20/2014 c61 KingIchi
Maries seems like she would be so good for hi. but of course what would bella think? Ha smh
8/20/2014 c59 KingIchi
8/20/2014 c58 KingIchi
God... edward is pathetic... At least you're making bella strong right? While making edward this junkie who can't live without bella.
8/20/2014 c57 KingIchi
Of course on her terms like they have always been. Edward still doesn't have a spine in this.
8/20/2014 c56 KingIchi
Oh so he now can't feel like he is in deja vu? And what bella just got mad about is completely stupid because he was saying he was in this position with her before and got completely fucking stomped, humiliated. And heart broken. And she's putting him right back in that position... but of course, i bet when he tells rose, she's finally gonna be on bella side when she shouldn't be.
8/18/2014 c78 Llanna
Loved this story, so much happened to these two good to see them find they way back to each other, bitter&sweet. Thanks for sharing.
8/20/2014 c53 KingIchi
Really? Would she be surprised if they did? AAnd honestly... kate is in her right mind seeing as how edward is to bella... I don't know how kate puts up with him. This guy defends bella each chance he gets... Not understanding where the other party glaring at bella is goming.. I guess that "Beyond reason" statement holds more merit then i thought to edward...
8/20/2014 c51 KingIchi
Really? I want to slap edward. kate is a fine girl and has always been there for him and even let them be fuck buddies, had his kid. But i suppose he has to always have the woman who fucked his life up completely. But i'll move on... bella has changed but kate has always been the same basically to him.
8/20/2014 c50 KingIchi
When hasn't she not got to him? Ithought that has been a point of emphasis this whole time..
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